Balochistan: 14 forcibly disappeared, 16 killed in February 2021

Balochistan: 14 forcibly disappeared, 16 killed in February 2021

In February, Pakistan’s paramilitary forces abducted 19 people, and 21 people were killed in different areas of Balochistan.

On Feb 2, forces conducted an operation in the Saro area of Bolan and whisked away Dinar Mazarani along with his two sons from Kikki Wadh. However, till the filing of this report, the names and whereabouts of two of his sons remain unknown.

On Feb 8, Gul Muhammad, a resident of Koryak, district Harnai, was forcibly abducted by security forces from Sangekot, Kala Ispan area of district Harnai.

On Feb 10, during a search operation, forces forcibly disappeared three cousins from Kolwah, district Kech. The abductees were later identified as Nasir son of Wahid Bakhsh, Asad Allah Bakhsh, and Hussain Naseer.

On Feb 19, security forces raided a wedding ceremony in Pat Feedar area of Sui,  district Dera Bugti, and abducted four people. The victims were identified as Rasola, Jong Ali, and Gamal, Bojla.

On Feb 23, during a military operation in the Geshtrani area of Kahan district Kohlu, three persons Kero, Dinli, and Bagli were arrested and then shifted to an unrevealed location. Moreover, according to reports, forces set fire to and entirely burnt down the house of Kero Marri, a victim of forced disappearance.

The same day, Gul Bihar, a resident of Kahan, along with his son Angli were abducted by Pakistan’s intelligence and security forces in Sibi. However, no one has heard of their whereabouts since then.

Azam Dawood, a student who had been missing since June 13, 2020, returned home on January 12, 2021. The Assistant Commissioner of Khuzdar called him to Khuzdar for further investigation and transferred him to Central Jail of Khuzdar accusing him of wall-chalking against the state. During imprisonment, he was subjected to inhuman torture and he has become mentally and physically very weak.



During February, 16 incidents of target killing were reported, five mutilated dead bodies were found and four lost their lives in other incidents. Most of the target killings have been claimed by Baloch separatist groups, accusing the targeted persons of collaborating with death squads and intelligence agencies.

Abdul Karim son of Mullah Muhammad Rahim, Liaqat son of Abbas, and three others were shot dead by militants of Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF), while three people were killed by the United Baloch Army (BRA), and one person named Subeer Ahmad was gunned down by armed men of the Balochistan Republican Army (BRA).

On Feb 1, two people, Pir Muhammad and Ataullah Bhattar, were shot dead by unknown persons at the Shoki area of Zehri district Khuzdar for personal enmity. Separately, another person named Kabir Ahmad was killed by unknown militants in Mangochar, district Kalat. Moreover, the body was shifted to the hospital by local police, but the reason behind the incident is yet to be known.

In another event, Hasil Khan son of Elahi Bakhsh was shot dead by armed men in Wadh area of district Khuzdar on February 16. The family staged protests by blocking roads and highways, but the perpetrators have still not been brought to justice and the motive behind his murder remains unknown.

In landmine incidents, two people were killed and two others wounded in district Kohlu and Sibbi during separate explosions. The deceased were identified as Gul Khan, killed in Kohlu, and Kanwal Bibi in Sibbi.

On 09 February, military forces started shelling in district Kohlu, where two persons, Moran and Miran Marri, were reportedly killed on the spot, while women and children were taken into custody and then shifted to an unknown location. Furthermore, the huts and houses were set on fire.

During the month, four mutilated dead bodies were found in different areas of Balochistan. The dead bodies were recognized as Sanaullah Bahar, resident of Gomazin, Majid and Jamil Ahmed from Pasni, and Asad Khan Achakzai. And a decomposed body was recovered from Hub, an industrial city in Balochistan. The deceased was shifted to the hospital for recognition and further investigation.