Balochistan: 19 killed, 32 disappeared in September

Balochistan: 19 killed, 32 disappeared in September

(A joint report by Human Rights Council of Balochistan and Baloch Human Rights Organization)

Military backed death squad members picked up Usman Maqbool from Pidrak area of district Kech on 4 September, 2019. He is missing since then.

Usman Maqbool. Photo: Ashoob News

On September 24, death squad militants from a different group picked up a teenage girl, Nazia, from Greshag Khuzdar. She was later released.

On September 7, gunmen abducted three persons — Jalal, Wazir and Jwanu– from Kilkore, Panjgur.

Human rights groups and locals have often accused military of harnessing such death squads in Balochistan to counter a nationalist insurgency simmering in the region for over a decade.

However, other victims were picked up by personnel of Frontier Corps (FC), a paramilitary force.

On September 1, FC personnel forcibly disappeared Abdul Qadir Abdul Samad and Tariq Mohammad during a raid in Gomazi, Tump district Kech.

On September 4, FC conducted an operation in Killi Jalazai and Killi Ghozai area of district Kharan and forcibly disappeared four persons — Saifullah Mengal, Dr. Abdul Sattar Pirkazai and his two sons, Kamran Sattar and Farooq Sattar. On the same day, Saddam Warna was abducted and disappeared by the security forces from his garment store. He had previously been taken away by the FC in 2016, but was later released.

On September 4, a student, Adil Murad Jan was whisked away by FC from a shop in Sandani area of district Panjgur.

On September 10, FC raided a house in Hor area of Dasht, district Kech and abducted 60 years old Abdul Hassan Khudadad.

On September 11, Naim Ghafoor, a resident of Gwadar was whisked away from his Shop.

On September 14, the security forces abducted five persons during a raid in Machat area of Dasht, district Kech. The victims were Arif Madi Han, Peroz Ghulam Hussain, Kabir Amir, Nazir Maula Bakhsh and Maula Bakhsh.

Separately, on the same day, two others were forcibly disappeared by FC from a check-post in Pidrak area of district Kech. The abductees were Maula Bakhsh Dur Muhammad and Adil Assa.

On September 17, two residents of Tank area of Mashkay, district Awaran, Shahjan Abdul Karim and Faiz Dilmurad went missing from army Camp where they were called to appear and then disappeared.

Similarly, Hasil Hassan resident of Pittok area of Dasht, district Kech was asked to appear in FC camp on September 19. He went to the camp and never came back. He had previously been picked up by the FC, two months back.

On September 21, FC laid siege to Gandchai in district Awaran and forcibly disappeared several locals. Only five of them could be confirmed as Qadir Bakhsh, Elahi Bakhsh, Ali Bakhsh, Manzoor and Ghulam, while the details of the rest are yet to be confirmed.

On September 26, Sharif Haji Muhammad Ali was taken away by personnel of FC during a raid on his house in Kombel area of Dasht, district Kech.

On September 28, Abdul Qadir Fazal resident of Essai area of district Panjgur, was forcibly disappeared by FC from his workplace, the telephone exchange.

On September 29, two persons were abducted by Frontier Corps. One was identified as Jafar Hussain, resident of Panjgur, who was a trader of Iranian petrol and diesel. The other victim is Sohail Huzoor resident of Katagari area of Panjgur. He was working in Dubai and had come home on his vacations.

Killed persons:

On September 29, personnel of Frontier Corps, brought the tortured body of Zafir Baloch, resident of Chedagi Awaran. He had been abducted and disappeared by the same force a few days back and had been tortured to death. Zafir was a local leader of the Baloch National Movement (BNM), a political party campaigning for right of self-determination for the people of Balochistan. A number of party’s top leaders have been killed by military, including its founding chairman Ghulam Muhammad Baloch and central general secretary Dr. Mannan Baloch.

Zafir Baloch. Photo: Zrumbesh Radio

On September 9, the tortured body of Hammal Murad resident of Gazzi area of Mashkay, district Awaran was buried under supervision of the security forces. He was abducted on August 20 and remained missing since then. In another incident on same day, military backed death-squad shot killed Mir Muhammad Ali in Grai, Ragay, district Washuk.

Hundreds of decomposed bodies have been found in Balochistan since early 2014. Most of them are beyond recognition and are buried without their identity being established.

It continued in September too. On September 2, a tortured body was found in Laddi Dasht area of district Mastung. The body was moved to hospital for autopsy but his identity could not be established.

On September 26, a decomposed body was found in Charda Chowk area of Panjgur. The body could not be identified till the time of filing this report.

On September 5, a decomposed body was recovered near a fisheries pond in Dera Murad Jamali. The deceased was moved to hospital and later identified as Muhammad Afzal. The body was later handed over to the family.

On September 10, the decomposed body of Agha Muhammad Ghulam Qambarzai was found dumped. He was a resident of Pad-Gayaban, district Chagai and was abducted and disappeared.

On September 19, the decomposed body of Ayaz Sardu was discovered from Menaz, Buleda, district Kech. He was abducted few days before by unknown persons.

On September 4, unknown armed men gunned down Jamshed Takkari in Hazarganji, district Quetta.

On September 10, the local death squad members killed two persons, Bahdad Shahdad and Jalal, residents of Lop e sar, Balgetar, district Kech.

On September 21, unknown armed persons opened fire and killed Hazah bugti and his wife where two children were badly injured in Sui, district Dera Bugti. On the same day, six persons including a woman were killed during an intelligence-based-operation by the security forces in Quetta. The IG of police said that they were militants Of ISIS but details of the persons and their involvement were not made public.

On September 5, unknown gunmen killed two persons in different areas of Balochistan. Muhammad Karim Gazgi was killed in Gazgi area of district Khuzdar and Sarwar Ahmad in Chaman, Balochistan.