Balochistan: 29 killed, 31 disappeared in May

Balochistan: 29 killed, 31 disappeared in May

The human rights situation in Balochistan remained worrisome during May 2023. In most of the cases, we could not verify the details of the incidents. We received partial details of 29 killings and 31 cases of enforced disappearance in six out of 32 districts of Balochistan.


A young lady, Najma Dilmurad was forced by local policemen, to have sexual relations with them and work for them as an informer. According to details, 22-year-old Najma, a resident of Gishkore, Awaran was running a free school with the help of Balochistan Education Foundation, an NGO that supports community development. Najma was harassed by security personnel, who work for the military as informants and used to threaten the locals to work for them. Najma refused to work. The FC officials in the area, on the basis of information the culprits gave, summoned Najma’s father to the camp. This situation continued for more than a year and Najma and her father resisted the powerful military spies, but the local policemen commanded Najma and her father to surrender to them and accept all the conditions they present. The young Najma hanged herself with a rope and killed herself 17 May 2023.

On 03 May, unknown gunmen opened fire on two brothers, Naseer Ahmad and Munir Ahmad, residents of Khuzdar, in Menaz village of Buleda. Naseer Ahmad died on the spot while Munir Ahmad was injured by bullets.

On 03 May, police found a dead body near the Jafar housing scheme in Panjgur. The body had marks of bullets. The deceased was identified as Jamal Pindok resident of  Hoshab, Kech.

On 03 May, Hafiz Abdullah Ghulam Jan, a resident of Banap Buleda was shot dead by security forces in the Parom area of district Panjgur. BLF claimed that he was one of his members.

On 04 May, a dead body was found near the airport in Dalbandin. The identity of the body was not established till the time of this report.

04 May, Kamran Sher Dil Mengal was injured as a result of firing, in Nushki. He was immediately shifted to the hospital, where he succumbed to injuries.

On 4 May, a body was found, drowned in a river in Jumma Goth, in the industrial city of Hub.

On 05 May, a shooting incident took place near the Bhawani Shah petrol pump on the Quetta-Karachi highway, in which 29-year-old Farman Ali Muhammad Irshad died on the spot.

On 07 May, a dead body was found in Pasni, district Gwadar. He was later identified as Ibrahim, the manager of Rehman Fish Company.

On 11 May, In the Tambo area of Naseerabad, Mir Ahmad killed his wife and another man in the name of honor. The culprit escaped the scene and no action has been taken yet.

On 11 May, two persons, Rauf Jumma resident of Menaz Buleda and Arif Abdul Qadir resident of Zamuran were shot dead in the Zamuran area of district Kech.

On 13 May, six dead bodies were brought to Teaching Hospital Turbat, Kech. Bodies were identified as Abdul Samad Abdul Rahim resident of Awaran, Shahmir Shakar resident of Karki Tijaban, Javed Badal resident of Kolwa, Asmi Dilwash resident of Kolwah, Arif Ali Bakhsh resident of Awaran, and Ali Bijjar resident of Awaran. BLF, an armed nationalist group said in a statement that they were its members and were killed by the military in a drone attack in Kolwa, district Awaran.

On 14 May, an uncle shot and killed his niece Sajan Bibi and Gulzar Ahmad alias Zahru in the name of honor, in Dera Murad Jamali. The killer escaped the scene and no action has been taken so far.

On 15 May, 17-year-old Rahab Ali Abdul Hameed resident of Dera Murad Jamali was shot dead by unknown gunmen in the industrial city of Hub.

On 17 May, two brothers were attacked outside their house in Mastung. Abdul Wahab died on the spot and Naseer Ahmed was seriously injured. UBA, an armed nationalist group claimed responsibility for this attack, saying the two brothers were working as spy for Pakistani intelligence agencies.

On 19 May, a policeman was killed during the firing in Kili Karez area of district Mastung. The body was shifted to Nawab Ghous Bakhsh Raisani Hospital. Sources say that the assailants have taken the policeman’s gun with them.

On 24 May, Sanaullah resident of Kirk Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was shot dead in Kech. He was said to be an officer of Military Intelligence. BLF claimed responsibility for his killing.

On 26 May, Quraish Elahi Bakhsh, a resident of Kohad district Kech was shot dead by unknown gunmen near Nihang River in Kech.

On 26 May, two people were killed in twin bomb blasts in Harnai.

On 28 May, local police found a dead body in Awaran. The body was not identified till the time of this report.

On 30 May, unknown gunmen shot and killed Haji Omar Bangulzai, a tribal elder.


On 01 May, two brothers, Osama and Naseebullah were abducted and disappeared by Pakistan forces from the Qaziabad area of Nushki. Naseebullah completed his studies at the University of Punjab, Multan.

In another incident, Nadir Hussain and Muhammad Asif were abducted from a house in the Koshk area of Khuzdar. Nadir Hussain is a student and a resident of Mashkay, Awaran. His family lives in Hub Chowki as they are displaced from their village, due to military operations. He had come to meet his sister in Khuzdar where he was abducted and disappeared.

Another person, Aslam Kurd was abducted and disappeared by forces from the Dasht area of Mastung on the same day.

On 02 May, forces raided a shop in Khuzdar and picked up Inayat Zehri after checking the identity cards of the individuals presented in the shop. He is missing since then. While on the same day, forces abducted Javed Abdullah and Fahad Muhammad Waris from Jafarabad area of Khuzdar.

On 04 May, forces raided a shop in Khuzdar and picked up Javed Bashir, a former Baloch Students Council Agriculture University Faisalabad chairperson. He graduated from the university and was teaching in a private school in Khuzdar these days.

On 05 May, two brothers, Siraj and Mehran were abducted by security forces from Gishkore, Awaran. Siraj was previously disappeared and reappeared after two years of torture, while the other brother, Mehran works as a laborer in the United Arab Emirates and had come to spend his vacations with his family.

In another case, Murtaza Zehri was abducted and disappeared from Khuzdar. He is disappeared for the fourth time. He disappeared by forces in 2010, 2015, and 2021 as well.

On the same day, Salman Samu, a resident of Usta Muhammad was abducted and disappeared from Islamabad, where he works as a Data Entry operator at Election Commission Islamabad.

On 11 May, forces abducted Mujahid Fazal during a raid on his house in the Bonestan area of district Panjgur.

On 19 May, two brothers were abducted from Panjgur. The elder brother was later released after torture, while the younger brother, Haseeb Muhammad Jan is still missing.

In another incident, forces raided a house at late night and abducted Akhtar Pir Muhammad from Buleda, district Kech.

On 21 May, forces raided a house in Menaz Buleda and abducted five persons including two brothers, Ghafoor Hamid and Abdul Basit Hamid. The other victims are Waseem Haji Sharif, Yar Jan Manzoor, and Uzair Hakeem.

On 23 May, forces raided a house in Turbat City of district Kech district and abducted Shabir Bashir. He was tortured severely and released on 30 May.

On 26 May, forces abducted seven members of the same family during a late-night raid on their house in Jangiabad, Khuzdar. Victims include Nauman, Naveed and their father Ali Hasan, Siraj Ahmed and his father Mir Muhammad, Abdul Rauf and Sikandar. Forces picked up a woman as well, during this raid. The woman was then thrown out of the car, at a distance from the house. The others were released later, while the Nauman remained disappeared at the time of writing this report.

On 26 May, forces abducted Atif Muhammad Hanif Jamaldini from the mountains of Nushki. His brother, Sufian Jamaldini was abducted on 27 December last year and is still missing.