Balochistan: 40 forcibly disappeared, 27 killed in May 2021

Balochistan: 40 forcibly disappeared, 27 killed in May 2021

Forty people were abducted and disappeared by security forces and personnel of intelligence agencies in different parts of Balochistan in the month of May, while 27 were killed.

On May 01, personnel of the Frontier Corps in several vehicles raided the Kallag village of Turbat, district Kech, and forcibly disappeared three brothers, Nadim, Nasim, and Shokat, sons of Saeed, in front of their family members and the villagers. All three are still missing.

On May 02, personnel of the intelligence agencies abducted Saddam Baloch, a well-known footballer, from Harboi Road of district Qalat. The personnel were in plain clothes.

On May 11, a shepherd Abdul Latif of Wali Dad was shot and injured by Frontier Corps personnel in Maheer area of Mand, Kech. He was later taken away on a helicopter and since then no one has heard of him. According to the details, the Frontier Corps is building a military camp in Maheer and on the pretext of security risk, raid the village on regular basis. During the raid, the residents were beaten up and dozens were abducted, tortured and released without any explanation. That day, Abdul Latif took his herd of cattle for gazing in the nearby mountains but as soon he left home, the Frontier Corps personnel on the guard on the top of hill just behind the village shot him without any warning. He received bullets in his feet. The military officials later transferred him to an unknown location on a helicopter.

The same day of May 11, the forces picked up two brothers, Shehzad Ahmed and Munawar Ali, sons of Saleh Mohammed, during a raid on their house.

On May 12, FC personnel raided Gomazi village of Tump, district Kech, and abducted six people, Qayyum, Sabit, Waju Shahbek, Majid, Israel and Alam.

On same day of May 12, the FC personnel picked up Azad Khan Abdul Baqi from Johan area of Qalat district.

On May 13, the FC raided Gomazi village once again and abducted three persons, Khudadad, Saghir, and Tariq. Khudadad was later released, while two others are still missing.

On May 15, Hilal Hebatan, a resident of Hushkabad Rudbon area of Tump, district Kech, was forcibly disappeared by the members of a government-backed Death Squad.

On the same day, the forces raided a house in Gomazi area of Tump, district Kech, and abducted Mujib Baloch, a hairdresser.

On May 16, the forces took away Tanvir Syapad and Sufyan Hussainzai from district Kharan. According to the details, the security forces raided house of Tanvir Syapad in the middle of night, gathered the family and after confirming Tanvir identity whisked him away. Two days later when the family approached the Frontier Corps, the officials didn’t provide any explanation and information about him. Moreover, on May 14 the forces raided Sufiyan Hussainzai shop and took away his mobile phone. Two days later, the FC raided his house and whisked him away. Since then his whereabouts are unknown. Sufiyan’s father, Abdul Rehman, is a retired clerk and has served the country for more than three decades.

On May 17, two persons Baba Abbas and Asghar were detained and then disappeared by the FC in Kohad area of Tump, district Kech.

On May 19, the forces raided a house in Pullabad area of district Kech and abducted three brothers Shoaib, Junaid, and Shay Haq and their brother-in-law, Ghafoor.

On the same day, FC personnel picked up nine persons during military operations in district Panjgur and Sibi. The abductees were identified as Manzoor Elahi Bakhsh, Hassan Saso, Ajmal Elahi Bakhsh, Malik Dad, Isa Mazar, Jangian Mazar, Wahid Jangian, abducted from Gichk Kalari area of Panjgur, and Hoth and Nokhaf Domki from Lehri Gori area of Sibi. The abductees from Gichk Kalari were released after a week. During the detention they were subjected to torture.

On May 25, personnel of the army and Intelligence agencies detained a social media influencer Sami Baloch from Quetta, the capital of Balochistan, and then shifted him to an unknown location. His whereabouts are still unknown.

Since May 29, military forces have blocked all the roads to Keelkore area of district Panjgur and have been conducting a military operation. According to initial information, five people were reportedly whisked away and disappeared while three were killed. The victims of enforced disappearance were identified as Isa, Rehmat Ahmed, Musa Muhammad, Hasil Khan Ahmed And Bakhshi Didar while Pir Dad Ahmed, Bola Mola Bakhsh and Assa Maro were killed.

During the month, 19 incidents of target-killing took place. People accuse the powerful military and its death squads behind most of the cases.

Five mutilated and four decomposed dead bodies were also found from various areas of Balochistan. One dead body is yet to be identified.

In a bomb blast in the Border town of Chaman, six people were killed and several were critically injured. According to initial reports, the explosion was aimed at targeting Maulana Qadir Loni, a leader of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam.

On May 3, Khan Dost and Ali Amir Bakhsh were shot dead by unknown gunmen in the city of Panjgur. Khan Dost was previously abducted from the Frontier Corps on March 17, 2017 from his home in Resh Pesh area of Parom, district Panjgur, during a military operation. He was held in incommunicado detention until January 16, 2020, when he was released without any explanation. During his detention, the frontier corps personnel continuously demanded to hand over Fazal Sher, a political activist, poet and younger brother of Khan Dost. It has become military’s policy to abduct family members of activists who are wanted by military and force them to surrender.

On May 09, Ijaz Ahmad Tajik killed his wife Bakhtawar Shah in Killi Jamalabad area of Nushki. According to sources, the culprit escaped and the body was shifted to the Nushki Teaching Hospital.

On May 28, during a military operation in Keelkor, the forces killed two people, identified as Asa and Bola, and then shifted their bodies to the Hoshap Hospital. The area is still sealed off.

On May 13, a man was found hanging on a tree in the Washbod area of Panjgur.