Balochistan: 42 disappeared, 22 including women and children Killed in January

Balochistan: 42 disappeared, 22 including women and children Killed in January

In the first month of the new year, Balochistan faced a disturbing wave of disappearances and killings. 42 individuals mainly from district Kech and Dera Bugti were forcibly disappeared by paramilitary forces. Additionally, 22, including women and infants, were killed by unknown assailants and Pakistani and Irani attacks, predominantly in Panjgur district.

Enforced Disappearances:

In January, 42 individuals from diverse professions including teachers and students were forcibly disappeared by FC (Frontier Corps), CTD (Counter Terrorism Department), and other agencies, using detentions, house-Raids, and different modes of abductions. These abductions were conducted in different districts, mainly from Kech and Dera Bugti followed by other areas.

District Kech:
This month, the district of Kech experienced a troubling increase in cases of enforced disappearances, with a total of 23 individuals reportedly taken involuntarily, leaving families and communities grappling with uncertainty and concern.

January 2: Three youths named Sohail, Uzair, and Ghulam Rasool were abducted and disappeared by security forces from Gomazi, Tump during a house-to-house search.

January 5: Shah Mir was abducted by forces during a raid in Nazarabad, Tump.

January 8: Hassan and Jasim were abducted in Dazan area of Tump in front of witnesses.

January 13: Shahabuddin was picked up by security forces in Singani Sar, Old Changi, Turbat.

January 14: Ismail was abducted in a late-night raid in Kohad, Tump.

January 15: Khalil was abducted and tortured for three days by FC officials in Alandoor, Buleda.

January 24: Nazir Ahmad, Muhammad Tariq, Safdar Ali, Farooq, and Hasnain, all residents of Punjab were forcibly taken away by unknown armed men in Hoshap.

January 25: Qasim, a young poet and student, went missing after being arrested by Pakistani forces in front of the Civil Hospital, Turbat.

January 26: Hafeezullah and Ismail were taken into custody by Pakistani forces from Buleda Bit.

January 27: Bahadur Chakar, a student, forcibly disappeared in Tijaban Sing Kalat, leading to a protest on the CPEC highway. Later he was released on 29 January 2024.

January 27: Hammal and Aslam were abducted during a house raid in the Hoshap area. They were released on 30 January, after severe torture.

January 28: A shepherd, Wahid Bakhsh was detained, tortured in front of family, and then abducted and disappeared by FC in the area of Sami.

January 30: Abdul Khaliq was abducted during a raid in Korjo area of Tump.

January 31: Meraj was abducted from Shehani Bazar, Turbat by CTD and Intelligence Agencies.

Dera Bugti:
January 27: In Dera Bugti, Ghaos Bakhsh (a teacher), Rahim Dad Haji Bugti, Rahim Dad Swali Bugti, Attaullah Gobar Khan Bugti, Nasir Abdul Khaliq Bugti, Babul Chalah Bugti, and Qurban Bugti were forcibly abducted by the CTD during raids in Zafar Colony, Sui. All of them were released later, after severe torture.

January 6: 15-year-old student Balach Rauf was abducted from his home by FC and members of Death Squad.

January 31: A student, Mehboob was abducted by forces at Passni Badok Checkpost while he was traveling back home from his university’s vacation.

January 3: Imran Jan Swali was detained from Quetta by forces and has not been seen since.

January 12: Two A-level students, Syed Aitzaz and Muhammad Mujtaba, went missing in Quetta reportedly after leaving for school.

January 15: Rasool Bakhsh and Karim Bakhsh from Gishkoor, Awaran were abducted by FC soldiers during a house raid. Eventually, Rasool Bakhsh was freed, however, Karim Bakhsh’s whereabouts are still unknown.

January 19: Sala was taken into custody and forcibly disappeared by CTD and secret agency officials in Dera Allah Yar.

Jhal Magsi:
January 24: Akbar and Jameel Ahmad were detained and disappeared by CTD in Jhal Magsi.

January 31: Two individuals, Ali Jan Sumalani and Akhtar Yalanzai (a student) were subjected to enforced disappearance by the forces in Kharan.

During the month, 22 individuals, comprising 13 males, 7 women, and 2 infants, lost their lives across various regions of Balochistan. Sixteen among them could be identified while identities of six of the victims are yet to be confirmed. The casualties occurred in Panjgur, Sibi, Khuzdar, Hub, Kech, and Barkhan and resulted from a series of tragic incidents carried out by Pakistani and Irani forces, Baloch militants, and unknown men in missile attacks, bomb blasts, target killings, and other modes of violence.

The highest number of the victims belong to Panjgur district, with 11 individuals losing their lives in exchange for cross-border air strikes between Pakistan and Iran when both the countries allegedly engaged in targeting “militant outfits” in each others territories. On January 16, Iran initiated airstrikes and claimed to have targeted a “safe haven of an anti-Iran militant outfit”, Jaish-ul-Adl in Koh Sabz area of Panjgur. This attack resulted in deaths of two minors identified as 2-year-old Salman and 5-year-old Humaira. In response, Pakistan launched an airstrike operation on the civilian population in Iranian territory of Sistan and Balochistan and claimed to have targeted “Baloch militants”. This attack caused injuries and death of nine people including an entire family who had migrated to Iran to escape the routinely practiced brutalities of Pakistani forces and find a peaceful life. The victims were Ali Dost Mehmood, his three-month-old son Chirag Baloch, five-year-old Babar Baloch, 7-year-old daughter Hani Dost, and wife Shazia Baloch. The other victims were Najma Baloch, 7-year-old Mahikan, 4-year-old Mahzaib, and 17-year-old Farhad.

Other incidents:
January 5: Imran’s body was recovered from Panjgur with bullet wounds.

January 12: Mohammad Imran strangled his wife to death in Khuzdar.

January 14: A body with bullet marks was found in the Washbod Police Station area of Panjgur.

January 17: Attaullah lost his life in firing by Coast Guard personnel near Windar Kharkhera Customs Check Post.

January 17: Ismail Shah was killed in Barkhan Dhoriwal.

January 27: One person was killed in Zehri Bazar area of Khuzdar in an attack.

January 27: Fida Ahmad was killed by gunmen in Gichk of Panjgur.

January 28: Zahid Mahmood was shot and killed by armed persons in Turbat. BLF claimed responsibility for this attack.

January 30: Three people were killed in an explosion at an election rally of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf in Sibi city.