Balochistan: 44 disappeared, 27 killed in June 2019

Balochistan: 44 disappeared, 27 killed in June 2019

Reappearance and disappearance continued in Balochistan. Thirty-three previously forcibly disappeared persons have reappeared in the month of June 2019. But then again, on the other hand, the disappearances continued with more irrationality, as per the reports BHRO and HRCB have received.

Protest against “Enforced Disappearances in Pakistan” was attacked in UK in June 2019, while Senate of Pakistan ignored a report on missing persons in a session, which is a matter of concern for human rights activists.

Forty-four people were enforced disappeared and twenty-seven killed during this month. Since the reports we received are from Awaran, Kech, Gwadar, Panjgur, Khuzdar and Dera Bugti districts of Balochistan, the rest of the 26 districts remained inaccessible.

Bashir Sipa: On June 3, 2019, security forces raided a house in New Town Gwadar and forcibly disappeared Bashir Sipa. He is resident of Kuldan Dasht, district Kech.

Bashir Sipa. Courtesy: Ashoob News

Abbas Rafiq and Shahzaib Jan Mohammad: On June 2 the forces whisked away two persons, Abbas Rafiq and Shahzaib Jan Mohammad, from Shahrak area of district Kech in separate raids. Abbas is a disabled person and is paralyzed from the waist down. Shahzaib is a final year medical student of Bolan Medical College Quetta and was in his hometown for Eid holidays.

Najib Noor, Rizwan Rahi, Adil Baloch, Naim Deedag and Bilal Baloch: On June 8, forces whisked away and disappeared 5 students from a house in Gwadar city. They are identified as Najib Noor, Rizwan Rahi, Adil Baloch, Naim Deedag and Bilal Baloch. Bilal Baloch and Rizwan Rahi were later released whereas the whereabouts of the others are still unknown.

Naim Deedag. Courtesy: Ashoob News

Yasin Basham: Yasin Basham was abducted by unknown gunmen from University roundabout in Bhawalpur Punjab. He is a student of Bio-Chemistry in Bhawalpur University and resident of Turbat, district Kech.

Yaseen Basham. Courtesy: Ashoob News

Bashir Ahmed: Bashir Ahmed s/o Faqir Mohammad is a resident of Nokjo Mashkay, district Awaran and a Mason by profession. According to details local death squad members invited him to build a house. He went to Gajjali for work and didn’t return the same day. Next day on June 27, his dead body was brought to the local hospital. According to hospital sources, his body bore signs of severe torture.

Bashir Ahmed. Courtesy: Ashoob News

It is nearly impossible for anyone to raise their voice against the enforced disappearances in Balochistan and other human rights violations perpetrated by the army due to the risk of immense persecution faced by those who speak against army impunity. But in an unusual incident occurring in June 2019, a campaign against enforced disappearance prevalent in Pakistan, held in London, was attacked as well.
A mob, on 23 June, of ostensibly Pakistani civilians attacked a protest campaign outside the United Kingdom’s Lord Cricket Stadium where Pakistan’s national cricket team was playing against South Africa. The mob attacked Balochistan exiled activists and tore down all the banners and play cards which read “Help End Enforced Disappearances in Pakistan”.

a mob of ostensibly Pakistani citizens ripping apart billboards of a peaceful rights campaign outside lord’s stadium, london. courtesy: BRP Media Cell

Attackers included a couple of persons who were previously accompanying the Pakistan army chief, General Bajwa, and the DGISPR Asif Ghafoor, as shown in the video footages circulating in the social media.

Farhatullah Babar, a senator and well-known human rights activist disclosed in a tweet that the Chairman of Commission on Enforced disappearances has proved that the security forces are involved in the practice of enforced disappearances. He said: “Chairman Commission on Enforced Disappearances recently admitted before a Senate committee of identifying 153 security persons involved in it. He should now tell whether and what action taken against them…”. Despite such a huge disclosure from a sitting senator, the subject got much attention neither in parliament nor in national media of Pakistan.

Chairman Commission on Enforced Disappearances recently admitted before a senate committee of identifying 153 security persons involved in it. He should now tell whether and what action taken against them. Chairman and his Commission has failed the nation.— Farhatullah Babar (@FarhatullahB) June 20, 2019

This dire situation of human rights is pushing the people of Balochistan to the wall with every passing day. Hundreds of thousands of people are displaced due to continuous military operations and the resultant environment of fear. These internally displaced refugees are living without shelter in harsh weather of Balochistan often without food and drinking water. Many others have fled to Afghanistan and Iran living a similar miserable life. No humanitarian organization has so far initiated any aid or listing of these displaced war-effected people.