Balochistan: 55 disappeared, 34 including 5 women killed in July 2023

Balochistan: 55 disappeared, 34 including 5 women killed in July 2023

During July, the Human Rights Council received reports of enforced disappearances of 55 individuals, including 10 students. Additionally, 34 individuals, including 5 women, were extrajudicially killed during this period.


Honor killings continue to be a serious issue in Balochistan, with a notable number of cases reported this year alone. It’s strongly suspected that the true number is even higher due to numerous cases not being reported. These incidents are frequently orchestrated under the influence of decisions made by private jirgas and tribal chiefs. Local authorities appear to indirectly condone these killings by not pursuing action against known culprits. This situation calls for urgent attention and intervention to secure justice and avert further tragedies. During the month of July, five killings have been documented.

On July 1, a girl was killed in the Gardi forest area of Chagi district in an honor killing, orchestrated under the orders of the Jirga head, Ahmed Shah. The girl’s brother, Syed Muhammad, son of Bacha Mama, has been arrested by the Levies Force for his alleged involvement in the crime. Meanwhile, Ahmed Shah, the Jirga head, has not yet been arrested.

On July 4, a man killed two individuals, including his fiancée, in an incident related to ‘honor’. The perpetrator shot and killed Muhammad Hashim and a woman in Sanjawi area of Ziarat district.

On July 22, two individuals, including a girl, were subjected to torture while in detention and then killed as a retribution for their love marriage, in Kharan. The perpetrator behind this incident is reported to be Shahid Mullahzai, the head of a state-affiliated death squad, operating in Kharan. The bodies were secretly buried in the Qambar desert area of Washuk.

Enforced Disappearances:

In July, the Human Rights Council of Balochistan (HRCB) received distressing reports of enforced disappearances impacting at least 55 individuals, including 10 students. A significant number of these individuals were disappeared during house raids. Various institutions, such as the Frontier Corps, Army, CTD, and secret agencies, are involved in these occurrences. Notably, Pakistani forces conducted a military operation in Dera Bugti district, which led to disappearances, house attacks, harm to livestock, and injuries to local residents, including women and children. During the operation, valuable household items and good were also looted by the forces.

On July 03, Pakistani forces carried out a raid in Aapsar, Turbat, resulting in the disappearances of Salim, son of Abdul Sattar, resident of Kahuda Yousuf Mohalla, and Akram, son of Naeem Shah, resident of Seth Akram Mohalla. Akram was released the following day, but Salim’s whereabouts remain unknown.

On July 04, Pakistani forces detained a shopkeeper named Ghulab, son of Jamal, resident of Sorak Balnegwar, from his shop situated in Dho Bestho Panjah (250), an area near the Pak-Iran border.

A family has released a statement concerning the disappearance of a family member, Mohammad Rizwan, son of Mohammad Ramzan Nathwani, resident of Balina Khatan Khuzdar. He was last seen on July 4, 2023, in Sariab Road, Quetta. His whereabouts have remained unknown since that time.

On July 05, a group of unidentified armed men abducted 19 individuals, among whom were two policemen, while they were gathered for a picnic at Wali Tangi in Zarghoon, a suburb of Quetta. 17 individuals from the Hazara community were released after three hours. However, the two policemen, identified as Head Constable Ghulam Nabi and Head Constable Muhammad Kazim, were not released initially. Eventually, both policemen were released on July 14th.

On July 06, armed men kidnapped a young son of Qadir Bakhsh Dashti from a cricket ground in Faqir Colony, Gwadar. Armed men responsible for the kidnapping have been identified. Local Police suspects that this kidnapping maybe connected to dowry-related issues.

Confirmed reports state that Pakistani forces summoned Barkat, son of Mulla Abdul Malik from Penklanch Gichk Hill area, and Khan Jan, son of Rahmat from Zwardan Solir, Mashkay. Both of them visited the Gichk Kahn military camp on June 15th. They have been missing since that date. Notably, both of them were forcibly displaced persons. However, they were released on July 7th, along with another detainee identified as Qadir Bakhsh.

On July 09, Pakistani forces raided a residence in Dazan Tump, resulting in the disappearance of Farooq, son of Hameed, resident of Dazan Tump, Kech. Furthermore, Zaheer, son of Jumma, resident of Tank Zahidabad, Mashkay, was summoned to the Malshaband military camp in Awaran. Following this summons, he went missing. However, he was eventually released on July 27th.

Abdul Sattar Baloch, a member of the political organization, Baloch Raj, forcibly disappeared by secret agencies from Gulshan Mahmoud Mohalla, near Indus Highway, on July 11. He was released on July 15.

On July 10, Pakistan forces disappeared 17-year-old Hikmat Ali, son of Master Barkat, from Tump. He remains missing. Additionally, Sanaullah Pandarani was forcibly disappeared by unidentified armed individuals from a Vegetable Market in Khuzdar. As of now, the identities of these armed men are unknown.

Reports from Sui Dera Bugti on July 13th have indicated that Tariq, son of Safar Khan Bugti, was subjected to forcible disappearance by security forces on June 8th. Similarly, Juma, son of Aladdin Bugti, was disappeared on June 18th. Both are still missing.

On July 13, Pakistani forces conducted raids on several houses in Hothkani Mohalla near Sui Airport, resulting in the disappearance of 70-year-old Roshan Bugti and his son Ahmed Ali, who is employed in Levies, from their residence. During these raids, the forces also tortured women and children and reportedly looted valuable goods and household items from Roshan Bugti’s home.

The same day, a tailor named Zahoor Ahmed, son of Jam Khan Jatoi, resident of Dhadar, in Kachchi district, was forcibly disappeared by secret agencies’ personell wearing civilian attire. This incident occurred at a local hotel on Barwari Road in Quetta.

On July 14, Pakistani forces carried out raids on multiple houses in Ziyarat Dann Labbach, Awaran, resulting in the forced disappearance of three individuals: Zabad, son of Sakhi Dad, Dad Bakhsh, son of Ali Muhammad, and an elderly individual identified as Dinnar. These individuals, who hail from Duraski Awaran, were compelled to leave their town due to the actions of the forces and were currently living in Labbach.

It’s important to note that Dinnar was previously taken away on February 11, 2020, during a raid in Teertej Awaran, along with his two sons, Muhammad Ali and Wahid. Muhammad Ali lost his life while in custody.

On the same day, Azam, son of Allah Dad, resident student of Awaran, was forcibly disappeared from Quetta.

On July 17, Pakistani forces forcibly disappeared Munshi, son of Roshan Bugti, from his residence located in Hothkani Mohalla near Sui Airport. Notably, Munshi’s father, Roshan, and his brother, Ahmed Ali, were previously taken by forces. However, Roshan Bugti was released, but Munshi’s brother, Ahmed Ali, remains missing.

Pakistani forces conducted a military operation in various areas of Awaran, resulting in the forcible disappearance of multiple individuals. Among them, three individuals have been identified as Zahid, son of Dilbod, Wahid, son of Karim Bakhsh, and Imdad, son of Ibrahim. Wahid and Imdad were released on July 26th, but Zahid remains missing.

On July 18, Pakistani forces conducted raids on multiple houses in Sui, Dera Bugti, which resulted in the enforced disappearance of several individuals. Among those affected, Swagal, son of Pinhal Bugti, Husino, son of Bakthiar Bugti, and Dadan, son of Shayhan Bugti, have been identified. Dadan Bugti, who is employed with the Levies, was summoned to Sui Cantonment and has been missing since. Importantly, it should be noted that Dadan’s father, Shayhan, was killed by the Pakistani army alongside six other individuals on June 23, 2013.

The same day, Pakistani forces carried out house raids in the Bostan area of Tump. During these raids, women and children were subjected to severe torture. Moreover, two young individuals named Pir Bakhsh, son of Baitullah, and Farooq, son of Murad, were forcibly disappeared.

In a separate incident, two young brothers, Saghir and Dad Rahim, sons of Abdul Samad, went missing after being forcibly disappeared by Pakistani forces in a late-night raid in district Kech. Notably, both brothers have experienced disappearances previously. Additionally, their mother, named Kegad, tragically passed away during a raid occurred in July 2021.

On July 19, two individuals who worked as farmers, namely Inayatullah, son of Kohi Bugti, and Usman, son of Razo Bugti, were reported as missing after Pakistani forces forcibly disappeared them from China Chowki in Sui, Dera Bugti.

Additionally, during raids carried out in Sui, Hasu Bugti and his two sons, Muri Bugti and Khaira Bugti, along with Tharo Bugti and Ahmed Ali, son of Karbari Bugti, were also subjected to forced disappearance by Pakistani forces.

A young student named Shahid, son of Charshambe, resident of Madag Kalat, Kolwah, was forcibly disappeared by forces from Kolwah Bus Stand in Turbat. His current whereabouts remain unknown.

The same day, Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) personnel conducted a raid in Jamia Umar Badizai Pashtunabad area of Quetta, leading to the forced disappearance of Aurgangzeb Sarprah, son of Bahadur Khan Sarprah from Kharan. However, he was later released on July 24th.

Pakistani forces forcibly disappeared a young man named Rashid, son of Jalil, who resides in Gomazi Tump. This occurred during a house raid in Gomazi on July 22.

On July 23, Pakistani forces forcibly disappeared two residents of Balochistan in Karachi: Tufail, son of Sher Muhammad from Mand Kech, who was taken from Murshid Hospital, and Dinnar, son of Muhammad Iqbal from Parwar Mashkay, who disappeared near Aga Khan Hospital.

On July 24, Muhammad Azim, son of Muhammad, resident of Ziarat Dan in Awaran, was disappeared by armed individuals. There are indications suggesting that the kidnappers might have connections to a government-affiliated armed group.

A family officially confirmed through their statement that one of their members, Naseer Ahmed, son of Muhammad and a resident of Jahlwari Mashkay, had been forcibly disappeared by forces in Turbat, around ten days after Eid-ul-Fitr.

On July 25, Pakistani forces conducted a raid on a hostel in Islamabad, resulting in the abduction of two students named Jawad and Zaid. Jawad, a resident of Singanisar Turbat, is currently studying in the Electronic Department at Quaid-e-Azam University, while Zaid, a resident of Passini Gwadar, recently graduated from Orbit College Islamabad and had applied for admission to Quaid-e-Azam University. Both students were released after two days.

On July 28, Pakistani forces forcibly disappeared three individuals in Gwadar. These individuals have been identified as Farooq, Altaf, and Kambar.

The same day, during Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s visit to Gwadar, a student named Jabar, son of Haji Aslam, was subjected to forced disappearance by Pakistani forces and taken to an undisclosed location.

On July 30, Pakistani intelligence agencies and forces forcibly disappeared Nisar Ahmed, son of Karim Bakhsh and a resident of Tump Kulaho, from a local hotel in Gwadar.

On July 31, Pakistani security forces forcibly disappeared a 17-year-old student, Noshad, son of Mian Dad Bojair, and Rahmdil son of Fazal, residents of Daki Bazar Aapsar, from Turbat. The next day, Rahmdil was released but Noshad is still missing.


On July 16, the family has officially confirmed that Syed Naeem Akhtar, the former Assistant Director of Balochistan Sports Department, has been recovered. He had been forcibly disappeared 8 years ago while traveling from Karachi to Quetta.

Hashim, son of Rasul Bakhsh, resident of Mashkay Awaran, who had been forcibly disappeared by forces during a house raid on December 22, 2018, has been released from Khuzdar on July 23, 2023.

On July 26, Ilyas, who was detained by forces from the Gajjar area of Mashkay in September of the previous year, has now been released.


On July 4, an individual named Zul Khan, son of Noor Ahmad, was killed by armed motorcyclists in Aapsar. The responsibility for the incident was claimed by BLF.

On July 5, in a statement, BLF claimed that Majeed, son of Atta Muhammad from Jhao, was arrested on June 26 and subsequently sentences to death. BLF said that he was working with Pakistan army.

On July 12, a coach traveling from Punjab was caught in gunfire exchange between security forces and attackers affiliated with Tehreek-e-Jihad Pakistan in Zhob area. Three individuals, including a woman, lost their lives.

On July 12, a mutilated body was discovered in Nushki, found within a sack, buried in the desert. The victim, identified as Tahir Khan Mengal, had disappeared three days prior and had suffered a brutal death involving torture.

Another tortured body was discovered near Nokchah Dalbandin. Due to the extensive injuries and torture inflicted, the body could not be identified.

On July 12, two individuals identified as Noor Elahi, son of Abu Bakr, and Ustad Naeem, were fatally shot by unidentified gunmen at Chahsar Cross, Turbat. Both victims hailed from Karachi and were employed at a car wash service in Turbat. The motive behind this incident remains unknown.

On July 13, a dead body was discovered in the mountains of the Ishani area in Barkhan district. Victim has been identified as of Allah Bakhsh, son of Tawkali. According to local residents, he was a shepherd and had been missing for a month. The cause of his death remains unknown.

On July 17, a dead body was discovered from the Rotkan area of Hoshab. Victim identified as Shakir, son of Hussain. He was a shopkeeper who had been abducted by unknown armed men on July 12th. BLF claimed responsibility for his death, alleging that Shakir was a state agent.

The same day, BLA issued a statement taking responsibility for the deaths of two individuals, Jan Muhammad, son of Samad Muhammad Shahi, and Ghulam Hussain, son of Hamza Muhammad Shahi, residents of Lais Daghari. Both had been arrested by BLA a month ago. According to the BLA’s statement, both men were identified as operatives of the Pakistan army and were involved in crimes in Balochistan.

On July 22, a clash occurred between Levies force and Baloch militants in Maalar area of Awaran. During the clash, a Baloch militant affiliated with BLF, named Dostin Mirwani, son of Riyaz, was shot and killed.

On July 23, a body was discovered in Ladgasht, Mashkail. The victim, identified as Shabir Ahmed, son of Muhammad Sharif, had been reported missing the day before. He was shot and killed. The motives behind his killing remain unknown.

On July 24, unidentified motorcyclists opened fire in the Bashmi area of Kalat, resulting in the deaths of two individuals identified as Mir Jan, son of Pir Jan, and his son Ali Akbar, residents of Shesha Dagaar. Daesh claimed responsibility for the attack, stating that both were agents of the Pakistan army.

On July 26, BLA claimed responsibility for the deaths of two individuals identified as Saeed from Rahim War Khan, Punjab, who was detained on Mani Road in Harnai on June 26, 2023, and Muhammad Nadir from Multan, Punjab, who was detained in Zarghoon Quetta on July 4, 2023. According to the BLA’s statement, both individuals were associated with the Pakistan army.

The same day, two women were killed, and the rickshaw driver was injured due to gunfire from unknown armed individuals who targeted a rickshaw near the Mini Market in Satellite Town, Quetta. The motive behind this incident remains unclear.

On July 27, Ghulam Yasin, a resident of Punjab, was killed at Gumshad Hotel in Turbat. The BLA claimed responsibility for the act, asserting that he was an informant for the Pakistan army.

A tortured dead body was discovered near Shahzai Hotel in Dannuk, Turbat. The victim was identified as Jamal, son of Jahangir, resident of Zhob. He had been abducted by unknown armed individuals near Masha Allah Hotel, Turbat a day prior to his body discovery.

On July 28, Sanaullah, son of Mohabbat Khan Harand Zehri, was shot dead by unknown armed men in Kucha Archni area of Zehri, Khuzdar district.

On July 29, Habib Ur Rahman, son of Ghulam Sarwar Sasoli, resident of Nimurg, was shot dead by unidentified armed individuals in Nimurg Kand. The incident occurred during the night between Friday and Saturday.

The same day, a week-old unidentified dead body was discovered in Mullah Band area of Gwadar.

On July 30, in Dera Murad Jamali, a group of armed men entered a residence in Ward No. 40, Mohalla Mir Ras Mohammad Jatak, and fatally shot a young man named Ishaq Waja.

On July 30, Babu Hameed Mandai was killed by unknown armed men at the Nushki bus stand. The BLA claimed responsibility for the killing, stating that he was leading a death squad.