Balochistan: 56 forcibly disappeared, 53 killed in March 2023

Balochistan: 56 forcibly disappeared, 53 killed in March 2023

In March 2023, the state of human rights remained tensed in Balochistan as the paramilitary forces continued their crackdown on civilians, disappearing and killing people throughout the province. At least 56 people were forcibly disappeared and 53 people were killed in different parts of the region. Most of the disappearances were reportedly carried out by the Frontier Corps (FC) during house raids in thirteen districts. Five people were released, but the majority of the victims still remain behind unknown bars. The murders mainly consisted of targeted killings carried out by unknown groups operating in the area.


On March 01, five Baloch youths were reportedly abducted by the Pakistani forces from Karachi and district Kech. Two people namely Waleed and Shoaib were detained from Lyari, Karachi and shifted to an undisclosed location. The Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) later claimed to have arrested two individuals associated with the Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) during an operation. Shahzad, son of Mirjan Domki, was detained by intelligence agencies and then disappeared. On the other hand, three individuals abducted from Kech, were identified as Waju, son of Wahab, Haseem, son of Shafi Muhammad, and Muhammad Jan, son of Hakeem Baloch, but were later released.

On March 05, the security forces conducted search operations in Kili Bangulzai, Kharan and forcibly whisked away four people during house raids. The detainees were identified as Attaullah Bangulzai, Ghulam Mohammad Bangulzai, Amir Hamza Bangulzai, and Amanullah Bangulzai.

On March 06, Hameed Baloch was detained by Pakistani forces in Gwadar and went missing. Sadly, his father Babu Mehrab also suffered the same fate and was killed while in custody in 2018 after being disappeared twice. Moreover, other members of his family have also been victims of forced disappearance, including Hameed’s brother, Haider, who was disappeared in 2012, and a relative named Ameer Bakhsh, abducted on August 4, 2014, and still missing.

On the same day, forces abducted Nazir Ahmed, an oil trader, from his home during a military raid in Panjgur.

On March 07, Waheed Baloch and Shah Jan, residents of Ambi Kulanch, were detained and then abducted by the security forces during a house raid. It’s important to mention that Waheed’s elder brother, Amir Bakhsh, was also abducted on August 4th, 2014, who is still missing.

On March 08, forces whisked away two residents during a raid in Mand. The victims were identified as Ali son of Haji Musa, and Imam Bakhsh son of Maqbool.

On March 09, forces detained and disappeared two college students, Shahzad son of Bohir and Faraz son of Iqbal from Absar. Similarly, they whisked away Javed son of Ghulam Qadir from Hub. Meanwhile, in Harnai, the forces detained Muhammad Ibrahim son of Ghaus Bakhsh Mengal and Nizam son of Nabi Bakhsh Mengal at a checkpoint in Khost, Chapar Lat area while the two were collecting a loan. According to reports, Nizam’s brother Ramzan went missing during a military operation in Sanjawal in 2014, and later on, his body was found. After this incident, the family migrated and settled in Quetta.

On March 10, a group of people including Muhammad Javed Marri, a school teacher, Lal son of Mir Hamad, Bashkia Mehran, Sattar Marri, and three brothers, Mughal, Moran, and Maulvi Ghulam Bakhsh sons of Durra, were forcibly taken away during a military search operation in Kili Jamal Hanzai, Kohlu. Sattar Marri was released shortly after being taken. However, in a video statement, Marri claimed that Baloch teacher Ustad Javed and other family members were abducted at the behest of provincial minister Naseebullah Marri. On the other hand, forces abducted Sabir son of Abdul Ghani, and Rasool Bakhsh from Kulanch, Gwadar, and later transferred him to an undisclosed location.

The same day, unknown militants fired shots in Chitkan Bazar, Panjgur, and took away two residents, Attaullah son of Haji Abdul Qadir, and Pazir son of Shambay. According to reports, both victims sustained injuries during the gunfire.

On March 13, the forces conducted a raid on the house of revolutionary singer Minhaj Mukhtar in the Konshkalat area of Kech. During the raid, Minhaj Mukhtar’s father was arrested and subjected to torture. This is not the first time that Mukhtar’s home has been raided by the state forces, prior to this, his home has been burnt down. On the same night, the forces also conducted raids on other homes in the area, and stole valuables and arrested two individuals, Israr son of Attaullah and Jalal son of Mereen Dad.

On March 14, Amjad Ahmed and Muhammad Qasim, residents of Aeri Kallag area of Kharan, were forcibly disappeared during military raids on residential homes.

On March 17, the security forces whisked away a young local footballer, Sagheer Ahmed alias Chhote from Shelig area of Kharan.

On March 18, during a military operation in the hilly areas of Kolwah, three persons, including two brothers named Sanjar, and Saddam sons of Basham, and Kattu son of Babiek, were forcibly disappeared by the military forces and later released after being brutally tortured. Moreover. an elderly person named Allah Dad son of Ibrahim was severely tortured and succumbed to death during the operation.

On March 20, two students, Khalid son of Muhammad Hassan, and Asif son of Abdullah were forcibly taken away by the security forces and secret agencies from a house in Khuzdar. Khalid was a resident of Karachi, and he had come to visit relatives in Khuzdar.

On March 21, another student, Jahanzeb, son of Fazal, was reportedly arrested and then disappeared by security forces from Absar area of Turbat, where he was working part-time at the Hatim General Store. On the other hand, forces abducted a person named Alwan Bugti from Dera Ghazi Khan.

On March 22, security forces and intelligence agencies surrounded Noorgama Zehri Bazaar and took two people away. Bilal Zehri, a resident of Zehri and the son of Munir Ahmed, was whisked away from a tailor shop, and Dr. Zafar was taken from his medical store. He was released after being detained for several hours, while Bilal Zehri is still missing.

On March 23, Rahmdil Baloch, a resident of Tump Sarankan, went missing from Karachi Airport while he was on his way to Abu Dubai. His elder brother stated that he had been residing and working in Dubai for quite a long time, and was on his way back there after a vacation. He further stated that the airport authorities denied them of providing any information regarding his whereabouts. The same day, a student, Abid was abducted by the security forces from Apsar area of district Kech.

On March 24, several unidentified armed men abducted seven members of the Hazara community in Killi Mariani, Quetta. Later, four of the victims were released, while other three, Ali Khan Khan, Muhammad Goman, and Khan Muhammad, laborers, are still missing.

On March 26, security forces and intelligence agencies forcibly disappeared Bibagar Baloch from the Kallan area of district Kharan.

On March 27, forces raided the house of Abid Hussain Baloch, the central leader of the Balochistan National Party (Mengal) in Khudabadan area of Sarawan, Panjgur. During the raid, Mazahir Hussain, a disabled individual, was abducted by the forces. The family raised concerns as many members have been killed in the past too.

On 28 March, a large number of the military forces raided Zamurani Bazar of Turbat and forcibly whisked away Waris son of Musa, a resident of Alandoor Buleda, and the only breadwinner of his family.

On 30 March, a young student, Nawaz son of Shafi Muhammad, was forcibly disappeared by the forces from Askani Bazar, Turbat.

The same day, two individuals, Safeer Ahmad and Liaqat, residents of Keshangi area in district Noshki, were reportedly whisked away by intelligence agencies while travelling to their hometown, Killi Bulghani.


According to reports, fifty-three incidents of killings were documented in Balochistan in March. Among these, twenty-six person have been identified, while the rest remain unidentified.

Out of the total number, thirty-six were allegedly killed by unknown armed groups, while eight people were reportedly killed by Frontier Corps. And the Separatist groups claimed responsibility for nine killings.

During the month, five mutilated dead bodies were discovered from various areas, with only two individuals identified as Shaukat son of Mualabakhsh, a resident of Panjgur, and Bahram son of Gul Muhammad, a resident of Kech. The other three bodies remain unidentified and are currently at the hospitals.

Seven persons were murdered by the Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) and Baloch Liberation Army (BLA). All were declared as agents by the groups for facilitating the state forces.

The FC was reportedly responsible for the deaths of eight people, including six members of the BLF, while Salahuddin son of Zafar Ali, a resident of Kharan, and Allah Dad son of Ibrahim succumbed due to severe torture.

Moreover, two people died in a blast and eight people lost their lives in personal enmities.