Balochistan: Military forces are committing crimes against Humanity in Balochistan.

Frontier Corps personnel abducting a civilian in Dasht, district Kech. Photo: BHRO

Military operations in Balochistan are continued with all their intensity. In the first 8 days of February 2017, forces abducted 62 people from different areas of Balochistan while 12 people were extra judicially killed. Despite of Baloch Human Rights Organization’s several appeals to Government of Pakistan and international human rights organizations, not even a single step has been taken so far for the safe recovery of missing persons, continuing abduction and to stop extra judicial executions by state forces operating in Balochistan. State forces in Baloch
istan are given free hand to abduct, kill and dump anyone prior to the state and human rights law.

On February 1, 2017 forces abducted 14 people from different areas of district Kech and Dera Bugti while 2 people namely Momil Bugti and Sanaho Bugti were shot dead by forces during a military operation. On the same day 80
years old poet Misk Ali Bugti s/o Sabz Ali Bugti’s mutilated body was also found from a cave in Suhri

Balach s/o Ghulam Mohammad Baloch Photo: BHRO

Darbar, district Dera Bugti.


On February 3, 2017, Balach s/o Ghulam Mohammad was abducted from his home in Malir, Karachi. He is son of
slain political leader Ghulam Mohammad Baloch who was abducted from his lawyer’s chamber along with two of his colleagues in 2009 and later their mutilated bodies were found from Murghap, district Kech.

On February 7, 2017 Mutilated body of Nabi Bakhsh Bugti s/o Jhanda Khan Bugti was found from Steel Town Karachi.His body bore several signs of torture. He was abducted from in front of Malir Court, Karachi along with his friend on January 28, 2017. His friend was later

released unconscious near Sher Shah, Karachi. In recent past, around 20 mutilated bodies of Baloch political workers and other Baloch activists were recovered from Karachi, abducted from

Mutilated Body of Nabi Bakhsh Bugti Photo: BHRO

Balochistan and Karachi. Some of the bodies’ organs were also found missing.



On the same day forces carried out heavy military operation in Dasht, district

Families of abductees protesting in front of military base in Bal Nigwar. Photo: BHRO

Kech. They abducted 7 people from Jan Mohammad Bazar. Later on, 4 people were released while 3 people are still missing. Families of abductees are sit-in protest in front of Frontier Corps (FC) camp in Bal Nigwar.

Frontier Corps personnel taking part in operation. Photo: BHRO

On February 8, 2017, 13 people were abducted by forces from different areas of district Kech.

The list of the abductees during the first 8 days of February 2017 is as follow;

NameFather NameGenderAddressDate of Abduction
AbidMaster AliMaleWashbood, Panjgur, district Panjgur1-May-19
AltafGhulabMaleWashbood, Panjgur, district Panjgur1-May-19
FarhanUstad, SattarMaleWashbood, Panjgur, district Panjgur1-May-19
JahangeerNazeerMaleWashbood, Panjgur, district Panjgur1-May-19
SameerAmeerMaleKulaho, Tump, district Kech2-May-19
MaqboolMaster, Yar JanMaleSanedi, Mashkay, district Awaran3-May-19
WajoAssaMaleGomazi, Tump, district Kech5-May-19
TalalDost MohammadÿMaleGomazi, Tump, district Kech5-May-19
Dil PullMazarMaleSari Kallag, Gwarkop, district Kech5-May-19
SalmanKhudadadMaleBalochabad, Mand, district Kech7-May-19
MuradSamadMaleGwak, Mand, district Kech12-May-19
AbidKhalidMaleGwak, Mand, district Kech12-May-19
Saeed Abul HassanMaleGwak, Mand, district Kech12-May-19
WajuWahid JogiMaleGwak, Mand, district Kech12-May-19
Noor KhanKahoorMaleShapuk, district Kech12-May-19
Shah BakhshNagumanMaleJiwani, district Gwadar14-May-19
AshrafNaiksalMaleTash, Balgetar, district Kech15-May-19
GhulabRoziMaleTash, Balgetar, district Kech15-May-19
Rahmdil Peer BakhshPeer BakhshMaleHoshab, district Kech15-May-19
Nasir AzeemMohammed AzeemMaleAbsor, Turbat, district Kech16-May-19
PhulanMurad BakhshMaleTejaban, district Kech16-May-19
Sheer JanMohammed NoorMaleTejaban, district Kech16-May-19
IsmailDad KareemMaleDazin, Tump, district Kech18-May-19
SiddiqNako AliMaleDazin, Tump, district Kech18-May-19
NazeerMurad BalochMaleNayabad, Gwadar, district Gwadar18-May-19
Buzdar BugtiMaleShahpur, district Naseerabad19-May-19
Allah BakhshPeer BakhshMaleShapuk, district Kech20-May-19
Wajo Din MohmadFaiz MohmadMaleNizarabad, Tump, district Kech22-May-19
JafarMulla MaqboolMaleNizarabad, Tump, district Kech22-May-19
SameerPeralMaleNizarabad, Tump, district Kech22-May-19
ImranMaster SudeerMaleShapuk, district Kech23-May-19
Fateh MohammedMaleNodiz, Tump, district Kech24-May-19
NasrathMaleNodiz, Tump, district Kech24-May-19
RahimDurr MohammadMaleKhatan, Khuzdar, district Khuzdar24-May-19
Muneer BugtiMale24-May-19
HafeezPeer MohammadMaleNaeemabad, Paroom, district Panjgur25-May-19
GhulabHayabMaleHoshab, district Kech25-May-19
MujeebRasool BakhshMaleKalshan, Paroom, district Panjgur26-May-19
BahramKaheeri BugtiMaleSeghari, district Dera Bugti27-May-19
FareedEid MohammedMaleSorak Bazar, Dasht, district Kech28-May-19
FareedUstad AliSorak Bazar, Dasht, district Kech28-May-19
FarooqUstad AliSorak Bazar, Dasht, district Kech28-May-19
MujahidUstad AliSorak Bazar, Dasht, district Kech28-May-19
HaleemHaji MohammedSorak Bazar, Dasht, district Kech28-May-19
ShoaibHaji MohammedSorak Bazar, Dasht, district Kech28-May-19
BabuAbdul LatifSorak Bazar, Dasht, district Kech28-May-19
CheragMohammadMaleKasht, Kolwah, district Kech28-May-19
LuqmanDad MohammadMaleKasht, Kolwah, district Kech28-May-19
SageerDil MuradMaleKasht, Kolwah, district Kech28-May-19
TapuDil MuradMaleKasht, Kolwah, district Kech28-May-19
MajidShah DostMaleKasht, Kolwah, district Kech28-May-19
ArifGazzuMaleKasht, Kolwah, district Kech28-May-19
WajidadMaleKasht, Kolwah, district Kech28-May-19
ImranLal BakhshMaleNayabad, Gwadar, district Gwadar28-May-19
KamranLal BakhshMaleNayabad, Gwadar, district Gwadar28-May-19
NagumanSabzalMaleNayabad, Gwadar, district Gwadar28-May-19
AliHussainMaleHeronk, district Kech28-May-19
Dil JanKhan MohammedMaleKhan Mohammed Bazar, Mashkay, district Awaran29-May-19
AkramBarkatMaleBunband, Kharan, district Kharan30-May-19
KamranKamalanMaleBunband, Kharan, district Kharan30-May-19
JameelHaji AdamMaleKhudaban, Panjgur, district Panjgur30-May-19
FerozAbdul HakeemMaleKhudaban, Panjgur, district Panjgur30-May-19