Forces abduct 8 members of the same family from Karachi and Hub Chowki. BHRO

Forces abduct 8 members of the same family from Karachi and Hub Chowki. BHRO

The spokesperson of Baloch Human Rights Organization strongly condemned the incident of enforced disappearances in Balochistan saying that, despite the promises of Balochistan government, enforced disappearances are continued in a consecutive manner which is self-evident of government’s failure. 

The constitution of a country guarantees the protection of the lives of its citizens but in Balochistan, human rights law and constitution of Pakistan is constantly being contravened and violated.

In Balochistan, the security forces are involved in enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings and It is the responsibility of the state to protect the lives and ensure the security of people of Balochistan and to account and punish the perpetrators of the law contravene and provide justice to the people. 

He further said on April 20, security forces raided the house of Dil Murad Dur Muhammad in Raees Goth area of Karachi and illegally arrested his 3 sons Haneef, Hafeez and Hameed and moved them to an undisclosed location. On the same night, forces raided the house of Muhammad Ayub in Hub Chowki and arrested Parvez Jumma, Zakir, Altaf and Bahadur sons of Ayub and disappeared them after detention. They all belong to the same family. 

From L to R: Haneef Murad, Hameed Murad, Hafeez Murad. Photo: BHRO

Due to serious Human rights violations in Balochistan, a large number of families were already compelled to migrate to Hub Chowki and other areas but tragically they are becoming victims of forces’ policies there too.

From L to R: Altaf Ayub, Pervaiz Jumma, Bahar Ayub, Imdad Hashim. Photo: BHRO

The constitution of Pakistan ensures the protection of civilians lives but while committing human rights violations in Balochistan, the law enforcement bodies are opposing and violating basic articles of Pakistan’s constitution.