HRCB general body adopts constitution, establishes organizational structure

HRCB general body adopts constitution, establishes organizational structure

It is with great enthusiasm that we share the news of the Human Rights Council of Balochistan’s (HRCB) virtual general body meeting, which took place on May 10, 2024. The event was marked by the full attendance of the executive council and advisory board members. A significant outcome of this gathering was the ratification of HRCB’s new constitution and the strategic reorganization of our council. This restructuring process dissolved the former cabinet, paving the way for a new framework designed to bolster our efforts in documenting and combating human rights abuses in Balochistan.

We are privileged to include these esteemed individuals on our advisory board:

  • Mir Muhammad Ali Talpur
  • Mahvish Ahmad
  • Ahmed Baloch
  • Sameer Mehrab
  • Abdullah Abbas (As team leader of executive body)

Furthermore, we are proud to announce our newly elected cabinet, chosen for their unwavering commitment and specialized skills:

  • Abdullah Abbas: Executive Director
  • Asif Azim: Data Manager
  • Sadaf Iqbal: Secretary
  • Noroz Hayat: Finance Secretary
  • Taj Baloch: Administrator and Human Resource Manager

The assembly resolved to persist in our crucial mission of recording human rights infractions and seeking innovative methods to amplify these concerns. We pledge to connect the human rights narrative of Balochistan with global entities to secure widespread support and advocacy. United in purpose, our new cabinet and advisory board are dedicated to fulfilling the objectives set forth in our constitution. The HRCB stands resolute in its commitment to highlight human rights transgressions, advocate for justice, and provide unwavering support to all victims in the region.”