Man whose father was abducted and killed picked up by army

Man whose father was abducted and killed picked up by army

Waheed Ilahi Bakhsh has been forcibly disappeared by the Pakistan army some hundred meters from his  home in Dolechi Jhao area of district Awaran. The family fears that he might share his father’s fate, who was abducted in 2016 and his mutilated body was thrown last year.

On May 7, 2016, the army whisked away Waheed’s father Ilahi Bakhsh Pirjan from the same checkpost. He was kept incommunicado for almost three years and on January 3, 2019, his  mutilated dead body was found dumped in Hub Chowki, district Lasbela, some 250 miles  away from Dolechi Jhao.

Moreover, on May 10, 2016, the army shot dead Mujahid Murad in Wadi Bijjar Jhao area of  district Awaran. Mujahid was a cousin of Waheed and Zonal Deputy Secretary of the Baloch National Movement, a political party struggling for the right of self-determination. He was refueling his auto when the army shot him dead. For days, the army refused to hand over the body for  proper burial. Later, he was buried in Wadi Bijjar Jhao.

After Mujahid’s death, the army whisked away his father, Murad Pir Jan. He was subjected to  inhumane torture during detention and later released without any explanation. For years, the  family has remained a victim of Pakistani military’s ruthless policies in Balochistan. Waheed’s arbitrary detention has once again traumatized them.

Furthermore, a senior leader of the Balochistan National Party (BNP), Jan Mohammad Gurgunari was abducted by unknown gunmen from Wadh area of district Khuzdar on Thursday. The  head of BNP has alleged that one Mati-ul-Rehman is behind the abduction. Mati-ul-Rehman is son of Atta-ul-Rehman Mengal and grandson of Naseer Mengal, a former senator and acting Chief  Minister of Balochistan, and Minister of State for petroleum and Natural Resources. Gurgunari was later released.

For years, Naseer Mengal’s sons Shafeeq Mengal and Atta-ul-Rehman Mengal have remained in the limelight for running a state backed death squad in the area. Shafeeq is believed to be responsible for the mass grave found in the Tootak area of district Khuzdar in January 2014  where more than 170 bodies were exhumed. He is also accused of killing hundreds of political dissidents who were critical to military policies.