Nawaz Atta, the voice of voiceless is detained incommunicado for last 2 years

Nawaz Atta, the voice of voiceless is detained incommunicado for last 2 years


Nawaz Atta, Information Secretary BHRO

For the past two decades, human rights are being violated in every corner of Balochistan where the security forces and law enforcement agencies worsened the lives of people in Balochistan.

Injustices have become the norms of the day. Even the law-abiding citizens and human rights activists are not spared by the law enforcement agencies.

Nawaz Atta Baloch is a human rights activist and was the voice for the affected people in Balochistan but speaking up for rights of ordinary people in Balochistan is a crime. Balochistan has become a jail where only watchmen have the authority to speak. Elsewise, he will get abducted, inhumanly tortured, killed or kept in a torture cell forever. Freedom of expression does not exist in Pakistan while in Balochistan it is unimaginable. The one who raises voice will disappear forever. Nawaz Atta is also one of the victims who is missing for the last two years and kept in an undisclosed torture cell where neither his family nor his lawyer has access.

Nawaz Atta along with 8 other minors was forcibly disappeared on 28 October 2017 from Gulistan-e- Johar area of Karachi, Sindh. Except for Nawaz Atta, the rest were released later. Baloch Human Rights Organization and family of Nawaz Atta is concern about his fate and well-being. The disappearance of a human rights activist and detaining him in a confined cell for the long-term of two years is itself evidence of the vulnerable situation for human rights activist in Balochistan.

The responsible institutions who have obligations to implement rules of the constitution are violating the rules and victimizing & disappearing people in Balochistan. The reason behind Nawaz Atta and other political and human rights activists’ disappearance is to conceal the war crimes in Balochistan.

Once again, we appeal to all human rights organizations to play their role for the safe recovery of human rights activist and Information Secretary of Baloch Human Rights Organization Nawaz Atta and other missing persons.