Seven Missing Persons Killed by CTD in a Week; Families Demand Justice Amidst Growing Concerns

Seven Missing Persons Killed by CTD in a Week; Families Demand Justice Amidst Growing Concerns


In a distressing development, seven Baloch youths, who had previously been involuntarily disappeared, met untimely deaths in a series of staged killings allegedly orchestrated by the Police’s Counter Terrorism Department (CTD). As families reel from the shock of these tragic events, demands for justice are mounting.

Incident Details:

Within a span of just a week, seven Baloch youths—Adil, Shahjan, and Nabi Bakhsh, among others—became victims of staged killings. Three of them were reported dead in a staged car explosion on November 19, while others met a similar fate on November 23. The lifeless bodies of Adil, Shahjan, and Nabi Daad were relocated to Hoshap Hospital by the Levies force in District Kech. Shockingly, investigations revealed that these individuals had been forcibly taken by forces on August 22 earlier in the year.

Adding to the distress, on November 23, the CTD claimed responsibility for four additional deaths, asserting that an encounter on Banuk Chadahi Pasni Road led to their demise. Among the victims were Balach Mola Bakhsh, abducted on October 29, and Saif, a shopkeeper and family breadwinner abducted on August 1.

Further victims included Shakur, son of Noor Jan, abducted on June 25 from his residence in the Pullabad area of Tump, Turbat, and Wadood, son of Mubarak, a resident of Panjgur, forcibly disappeared by the forces on April 27.

Contested Narratives and Protests:

The family of Balach vehemently disputed the CTD’s version of events, presenting compelling evidence of his recent engagement in legal proceedings and court sessions. They revealed that just two days before his death, Balach had appeared in court, where the CTD acquired a 10-day physical remand, with a bail hearing scheduled for November 29.

Despite their attempts to file a First Information Report (FIR) against the alleged extrajudicial killing, the police refused, prompting the victim’s relatives to stage a sit-in protest at Shaheed Fida Chowk. Undeterred by police inaction, protestors, joined by thousands, marched towards the Session Court of Turbat with Balach’s body. In response, the Session Judge ordered the police to register an FIR against the CTD, a directive yet to be implemented.

Challenges to Justice:

The roads of Turbat, notorious for witnessing protests surrounding unresolved deaths, reflect the deep-seated issues within the legal system. These revelations cast a shadow of doubt on the authenticity and efficacy of the judicial processes.


As concerns escalate over the use of new tactics in staged encounters and the apparent failure of the judicial system, the families of the missing persons find themselves caught in a web of uncertainty and grief. The incident underscores the urgent need for a thorough investigation and the delivery of justice to assuage the growing discontent and apprehension among the citizens.