Another student-cum-cultural activist forcibly disappeared in Balochistan


Sana Syapad is a student in Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad, where he was supposed to complete his M. Phil. He is the president of a literary society, Naseer Kubdani Labzaki Diwan, based in Kharan, his home-town.

Sana was abducted by personnel of Frontier Corps, a paramilitary force, from his home-town, Kharan on 12 May, 2020. His whereabouts remains unknown to this time, neither the charges against him were made public so far.

In Balochistan, no one knows exactly how many people are disappeared, but we have received partial details of around five thousand people forcibly disappeared by FC since 2016. The war in Balochistan started in early 2000’s and many groups claim that more than 30,000 people were abducted by security forces and more than seven thousand of them were later found dead.