The boy who beat cancer killed by FC

The boy who beat cancer killed by FC

Seventeen-year-old Imam Sher Muhammad was hit by two bullets in the leg when personnel of Frontier Corps opened fire on a vehicle on April 30 in the Aspi Kahn area of district Kech. He was taken by the FC to their checkpost where he remained on the floor without treatment for hours.

He was later handed over to the local administration but it was too late and he passed away at around 13:00 Pakistan time. He died due to excessive bleeding.

Imam was too young when cancer had killed his mother. They could not afford the treatment. He was the eldest of his four brothers and the only bread earner. He had an ulcer on his neck for years and could not get proper treatment.

In 2016, he was taken to Turbat’s district headquarter hospital for tests and was advised to visit a good hospital in Karachi. The family could not afford this and asked the relatives and fellow villagers working in Bahrain for help.

In Karachi, he was diagnosed with cancer and remained under treatment for almost six months. When the treatment finished, he went back to his village, Kashap, Dasht district Kech. He worked as driver of a pick-up truck that brought petrol from Iran.