Balochistan: 19 people forcefully disappeared, 13 extrajudicially executed.

Human Rights violations are continuing in Balochistan. The war crimes of forces are continuing to evolve on a larger scale. The human rights organizations are silently witnessing crimes against humanity, the eruption of enforced disappearances, fake encounters, mutilated bodies, extrajudicial executions, brutal military operations and military raids.


19 people were forcefully disappeared from 14 to 24 March 2018, 13 people were extrajudicially executed.

The law and justice also remained to disappear in Balochistan. Forces and secret agencies openly abduct people. Due to which no one feels secure and safe in their own area.


Shah Dost Azeem resident of Reesh Peesh Parom district Panjgur was forcefully disappeared on 14 March and his whereabouts are still unknown.


Mir Jan son of Sayyadan, Kabul son of Hayat and Jangiyan son of Shahmir were also disappeared in a military operation in Much Kurtag, district Bolan on 15 March.


Haneef Abdul Majeed went missing from Dalsar Mand, district Kech, and Abdul Hameed s/o Muhammad Karim was abducted from Bazdad, Geshtari Awaran on 17 March in a raid.


Ghulam Qadir son of Dilshad bullet-riddled mutilated body was found in Much Kurtag Bolan on 20 March.


Abdul Razzaq son of Hassan resident of Darmiyani Bent Awaran was forcefully disappeared from Al Jameel Hotel, Karachi on 16 March, allegedly abducted by secret agencies.



Ghulam Jan Rehko, Basit Jan, Ashraf s/o Jumma were also disappeared in a massive military operation which was carried out in Soler Pendok Village, district Washuk.


Mudir and Munir Son of Hussain were disappeared from Dalsar Mand, whereas,  Abdul Ghani was also abducted by forces in a military operation in Bedi Peerandar, Awaran.

Dad Muhammad s/o Aziz. Photo: Ahoob News


Separately, Dad Muhammad Aziz a 21 years old young man and resident of Gawak Mand, was
whisked away from Jinnah Airport Karachi on his return from Dubai on 21 March.