Balochistan: 40 persons disappeared, 12 killed in February

Balochistan: 40 persons disappeared, 12 killed in February

On feb 3, Pakistani forces whisked away Shodo son of Nanda bugti from Jarwa, Sui, district Dera Bugti

On feb 6, forces took away five people during a raid in Tanki, Basima, district Washuk. The victims were identified as Khuda Raham Qadir Bakhsh, Ameen Mubarak, Rafeeq Muhammad noor, Ahmad Badal and Abdul Razzaq Allah Bakhsh.

On feb 11, forces abducted a student, Meeran Kareem from a wedding ceremony. He had come to Dasht from Quetta, where he was studying, to attend the family wedding.

On feb 13, forces forcibly disappeared Mohammad Azeem Haji Muhammad saleh from Malant, district Kech. He had been living in Dubai and had come from there along with his wife to his native town. The forces beat-up his wife, took their valuables and abducted him. It is believed he was abducted because of his brothers affiliation with Baloch National Movement—a nationalist political party in Balochistan.

On feb 14, Hassan Qambarani and Hizbullah Qambarani were forcibily disappeared from Killi Qambarani, district Quetta.

On feb 15, forces raided several villages over in Jahoo and Nokjo areas of Awaran and abducted a large number of the residents. Our sources could confirm the names of only 12 persons. The others remain unidentified. Among the confirmed ones are the names of Abdul Basit Zubair, Javed Abdul Hameed, Huzoor Master Elahi Bakhsh, Anwar Muhammad, Khalil and Badal sons of Abbas, Shambo Yaroo, Rahim Dad Hussain & his son Shabeer, Mamo Naiko & his son Rashid, Tahir Shambo. In a separate incident, the intelligence forces whisked away Muhammad Ramazan Sher Muhammad while he was traveling from Hub to Karachi.

From L to R: Abdul Basit Zubair, Javed Abdul Hameed, Huzoor Master Ilahi Bakhsh.

On feb 18, forces raided a house in Mayani Kalat, Mashkay, district Awaran and abducted Nadeem Ali Murad.

On the same day, forces forcibly disappeared another person named as Shaukat Muhammad. He was a local driver and was repairing his car at a shop in Chitkan Bazar in Panjgur city when he was picked-up.

Separately, during the same day, the police arrested 7 from district Washuk and handed them over to the Frontier Corps after which they were moved to undisclosed locations. The victims have not been identified by the police nor any information of their handing over to the Frontier corps and their whereabouts have been recieved.

On feb 21, forces raided a house in Singabad, district Kech and forcibly disappeared Mujahid wali Muhammad.

Mujahid Wali Mohammad. Photo: TBP











On feb 23, Muhammad Qasum and Naseem—residents of Mashkail, district Washuk were abducted by secret agents from Nokcha area of district Dalbandin.

On feb 26, forces carried out a raid on Ishaq’s house in Kosar Bazar, Jiwani, district Gwadar, looted the valuables and abducted his son along with a relative named as Sarfaraz.

On feb 28, forces picked up two others, Raheemo along with his son from Wadi in Mashkay, district Awaran and moved them to an unknown location. During the raid the forces beat up women and looted the valuables from the villagers.

On the same day, during a raid, forces forcefully disappeared Dula Khair Bakhsh—a resident of Zainkoh town, district Dera Bugti.

Killed persons;

On feb 7, an unidentifable decomposed body was found in Zhob and was sent to the hospital for medical examination by SHO Haji Mohammed Zamri.

On the same day, a police constable opened arbitrary fire and killed a rickshaw driver in Quetta city. Later, the police constable was arrested and the body of the victim was moved to the hospital.

On feb 9, unknown gunmen opened fire on Ghulam Hussain Azar—a poet and a resident of Nasirabad, district Kech and killed him for unknown reasons.

On feb 10, Unrecognizable decomposed body recovered from Dasht Gwandain. Edhi foundation took the body to hospital.

on feb 20, unknown militants shot down Aftab son of Shehaq Ameen who was a resident of Killi Jamaldini, district Noshki. The reasons behind the murder could not be ascertained. The Perpetrators have not been till date arrested.

On the same day, a member of Balochistan National Party**, Ismail, who was a resident of Dera Farm, district Kohlu was stoned to death by the persons who had invited him. The police arrested two suspects and according to the police, the case is being investigated.

On feb 21, unidentified armed men shot Muhammad Bilal Muhammad Siddiq—a resident of Kisadi, district Harnai. The levies took the body to the hospital for postmortem but the reasons for the murder is still not ascertained.

On feb 23, unknown militants entered a house in Balochabad, Ragay, district Washuk and gunned down Saleem Bangal for unknown reason. Initially, they tried to abduct him but as the family strongly resisted the move, then the militants shot him on sight.

On feb 26, two members of Baloch Liberation Army (BLA), Chakar Marri and Qadir Marri were reported to have been killed during a battle between Pakistani forces and Baloch militants.