Balochistan: 41 disappeared, 39 killed in April

Balochistan: 41 disappeared, 39 killed in April

In April 2024, the Human Rights Council of Balochistan documented at least 41 cases of enforced disappearances perpetrated by Pakistani security forces and intelligence agencies across the province.

These abductions occurred during raids on homes, detentions at checkpoints, and while individuals were traveling. Moreover, the month witnessed a surge in killings across Balochistan, with at least 39 violent deaths documented.

Enforced Disappearances:

Among those forcibly disappeared, only 13 have been released so far. The fate of the remaining individuals remains unknown, causing immense suffering for their families.

April 01: Sarwar Jamaldini, son of Abdullah, and Pirjan, son of Khair Muhammad, from Nushki Gharibabad, were abducted by Pakistani forces in Dalbandin. Both are oil traders. Sadly, Sarwar’s uncle, Amir Jamaldini, was also forcibly disappeared in 2014 and later his mutilated body was found. His other family members also endured months of disappearance before being released.

April 02: Pakistani forces surrounded the Jama Masjid in Kohad, Tump, and forcibly disappeared Anees, son of Sabzal, who was observing Itikaf (a religious retreat). He has been released.

Mir Mushtaq, son of Sawali, was abducted by intelligence agencies and CTD from Hoshap. He was released after a three-day protest by the family on the CPEC highway.

Dostain, son of Faqeer Muhammed, was summoned to the army camp in Malar Kolwah, district Awaran, and disappeared. He was released on April 7th.

The Frontier Corps (FC) summoned numerous men from Tank area and brought them to the Gajar Mashkay army camp. All were released except Wali Khan, son of Nazeer, and Sajjad, son of Azum.

April 05: Zahoor Ahmad, son of Khalid Ahmed, was abducted by the FC during a late-night raid in Gomazi, Tump, district Kech. The forces ransacked his house and tortured family members. He was later released on April 29th.

April 06: Faisal, son of Adam, and Haris, son of Shahbaig, were traveling to Karachi when they were detained by the FC at Zero Point, Pasni. Their whereabouts remain unknown.

April 08: Seven people – Amdad son of Khudabakhsh, Muhammad son of Khudabakhsh, Sawal Jan son of Muhammad Noor, Fateh Jan son of Muhammad Noor, Muhammad Raza son of Bahar, Jasim, and Shamshad were forcibly taken away by the forces from Ronjan area of Mashkay. They were released on April 10th.

Muzamil Baloch, son of Muhammad Afzal Mengal, a resident of Salehabad Khuzdar, disappeared from Khuzdar city. He was reportedly abducted by Pakistani forces and later released on April 11th.

April 09: Asrar, a resident of Mastung, was forcibly disappeared by intelligence agencies a day before Eid, and his whereabouts still remain unknown.

April 10: Mahaz, son of Nazir Ahmed, from the Balicha area of Tump, was reported missing by his family. He was allegedly detained by security forces in Turbat on March 27, 2024.

April 11: Malik Raba, son of Gul Muhammad Marri, was forcibly disappeared by the forces along with another person from the Machi checkpoint of Kohlu. His dead body was later discovered in Sibi.

April 12: Forces conducted a raid in Karke Dal Malar, Kolwah, and forcibly abducted Aggi, son of Ghamshad. Since then he is missing.

April 13: Zarif, son of Ghamshad, a resident of Malar, Awaran, was summoned to the military camp in Gishkur and subsequently disappeared.

April 15: Younis was abducted from his shop in Jafarabad area of district Khuzdar by Pakistani forces. This marks his third enforced disappearance, with prior detentions in 2014 and 2017, both marked by severe mental and physical abuse. He was eventually released on April 17.

April 18: Forces and intelligence agencies raided the residence of Uzair Shambay in Turbat, and forcibly whisked him away along with Nawaz Sarwar. Women and children present at home were also reportedly tortured.

April 22: Aslam Shah, a Levies official posted as a gunman for the DC Kharan, was abducted by FC and intelligence agencies while traveling on his motorcycle. He was reportedly tortured.

Karar, son of Bahot, a resident of Sardasht Kulanch, was abducted by a death squad from a boat in the Pasni area of Gwadar.

April 25: CTD conducted a raid on the residence of Bagan Bugti, son of Meran Bugti, in Gornari, Dera Bugti, and forcibly took him away. His family disclosed that the CTD demanded one million rupees as ransom for his release.

Three residents of Quetta, Sohail Shahwani, Shoaib Sumalani, and Sajawal, were detained by the FC from Kili Shahnawaz and then disappeared.

The intelligence agents abducted Rafiq Bugti, Ali son of Ahmed, and Hazar Khan, son of Ghulam Muhammad Bugti from a hotel in Hub Chowk.

April 26: Dilsard, son of Badal, was taken away by the FC from the coastal area of Pasni in Gwadar, during a large-scale raid on his house.

April 27: Hasil, son of Muhammad Hasan from Shardoi Tank area of Mashkay, was apprehended by the FC along with another individual and relocated to an undisclosed site. This incident notably signifies his third enforced disappearance.

Doda, son of Lal Bakhsh from Turbat, was detained by forces and disappeared. His brother, Bijjar, was also abducted on December 15, 2023, but later released. Doda was released after severe tortures, on 28 April.

April 28: Forces detained and disappeared Farak, son of Kamal, and Mujahid, son of Taj Muhammad, from Darchku area of Dasht, while Shehak, son of Jalil, was abducted from the Kusano area of Tump.


During the month, at least 39 killings were reported across Balochistan, with nearly half remaining unidentified.

Ten killings involved unknown gunmen targeting individuals, including a religious scholar, businessmen in various areas. Motives in these cases remain unclear.

The Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) was responsible  for the deaths of 12 individuals, including 10 from Punjab suspected of collaboration, and mistakenly killed two individuals from Noshki. Security forces also reported the killing of two BLA members during clashes.

Security forces were implicated in the disappearance and death of one person.

Land disputes, personal enmities, and honor killings accounted for 8 lives.

A bomb blast in Khuzdar claimed three lives and injured 10, while three mutilated bodies were found in Kech and Awaran, with motives and perpetrators undisclosed.