Balochistan: 46 people disappeared, 8 extrajudicially executed in a week

The deteriorating humanitarian situation in Balochistan is spiralling and out of control, the Illegal detention of Baloch people is being extremely escalated day by day.

Military operations, burning down of houses, target killings, extrajudicially executions has now remained a daily routine of forces, people are being forcefully disappeared, women and children are being injured and losing their lives in air strikes, shelling and bombardment.

Forces are openly committing such crimes and have brought the lives of citizens in mass danger.


Hafeez Dad Mohammad

A total of 46 people were forcefully disappeared in a week, 8 people were extrajudicially executed 5 were also killed in target killing including Zia Ur Rehman and Noor Ul Haq who was killed in an encounter during forces raid in Tarasani, District Khuzdar.


Security forces abducted Hafeez Dad Mohammad, a 17 years old student from the Buleda district Kech.

The family has not been provided with any information regarding his whereabouts.



8 people were also released this week in which Siddiq s/o Haji Ali Muhammad. He was released in Gwadar on 19 Feb. He disappeared18 months ago and Naseer Abdullah, who was disappeared in 2015, is released on 19 Feb 2018.


On 21 Feb, forces carried out a military operation where Amjid s/o Ghulam Qadir and Ghulam Qadir (son along with father) were forcefully disappeared from Och Sui, district Dera Bugti.

Gulsher Hanif


Forces abducted 9 people in a military raid, the abductees are identified as Karim, Azum, Rahim sons of Majeed, Abdul, Muhammad Jan sons of Ghulam Jan, Amjid son of Noor Bakhsh, Muhammad Raheem son of Shugurullah, Gulsher s/o Hanif and Shamim s/o Muhammad Akhtar from Shay Seechi, district Kech on 22 Feb.




And on 23 Feb, again during a military raid forces captured 7 people from Phulabad Tump district Kech who are identified as Naseer s/o Majeed, Nasir s/o Ghulam Qadir, Abdul Samad and Tariq s/o Dil Murad, Asghar Majeed, Saeed s/o Murad Bakhsh and Abdul s/o Abdul Samad.


Mujahid Rahmdil

Mujahid s/o Rahmdil, a teenager was abducted by forces from Turbat city on 21 March 2017. He remains disappeared until he was released on 23 Feb 2018. He was handed over to his brother but was re-abducted after few hours of his release.

There is no trace of missing persons. No case is filed against any of the detainees. The civilians of Balochistan in their own home feels insecure.

Rafiq s/o Rozi mutilated body was recovered from Mochko, Karachi. He was abducted 2 years ago by security forces. His body bears several signs of torture on his body.


Two brothers Hanif and Qasim Fakir Muhammad were forcibly disappeared by military forces in a military raid on 24 Feb from Balicha, district Kech.


Separately, on another military raid on 24 Feb, forces forcibly disappeared Nisar Usman, Hafeez, Basit Khuda Bakhsh and Hammal from Menaz Buleda district Kech.

Apart from these, mutilated body of Sanaullah s/o Ghulam Qadir, a resident of Jhal Magsi was recovered from Mastung. The cause of his death is yet to be found.