Thirteen abducted including two students in Balochistan

Thirteen abducted including two students in Balochistan

Thirteen more cases of enforced disappearances were reported from district Gwadar, Kech and Panjgur of Balochistan, this month, in addition to dozens previously reported.

On 16 February 2018, security forces abducted Rashid and Abdul Karim during a search operation in Cheri Bazar of Malant district Kech, Balochistan. From Talar check-post in Dasht, forces abducted Makhdum Pindok and Aslam Ometan, residents of Jattani Bazar, Dasht district Kech, Balochistan.

On 14 February, forces raided a house in Pasni area of district Gwadar and abducted Ayaz Naguman, resident of Ward no.1, of Pasni. Ayaz is a watchman in a school in Bag Bazar, Pasni.

On the same day, security forces and personnel of intelligence agencies abducted two students, Farooq Mulla Hameed and Hamza from Koshkalat area of Turbat, district Kech.

Shabir Asa. Photo: Ashoob Social Media

Separately, from PIA hospital personnel of intelligence agency abducted Shabir Asa, resident of Zamuran, district Kech, Balochistan.

On 13 February, security forces raided a house in Gurrani area of Pasni district Gwadar, and abducted Anwar Vashdil from the house at around 7:00 AM.
On the same day, forces raided two houses in Mulla Karim Bahksh ward, district Gwadar and abducted Yasir Amin, Hafeez Ismail and Sabir.
All the abductees have been shifted to unknown location and their whereabouts remain unknown to their families.
Noor Jan Liaqat. Photo: Ashoob Social Media

On 06 February, Noor Jan Liaqat, resident of Buleda district Kech was abducted by the personnel of intelligence agencies from Panjgur Bazar, district Panjgur Balochistan.

The Pakistan military adopted a policy of enforced disappearances to stifle the Baloch struggle for their political and economic rights. Since 2005, thousands of Baloch activists, poets, students, rights activists and others have been forcibly disappeared. The military keeps their whereabouts unknown and subjects them to torture for months.
Human Rights WatchAmnesty InternationalHuman Rights Commission of Pakistan and the Supreme Court of Pakistan had accused Frontier Corps, Pakistan’s paramilitary force of forcibly disappearing the people in Balochistan. However, the incidents have increased.
In 2009, the situation got worse. The Pakistan military abducted three key Baloch leaders, including Ghulam Mohammad Baloch who was the President of the Baloch National Movement (BNM), from the Turbat city of Balochistan on April 3, 2009. In a week, on April 9, their tortured and bullet-riddled bodies were found dumped near the Turbat city. It was the beginning of the military’s now infamous kill-and-dump operations, in which they abduct political activists, journalists, educationists, student activists and human rights defenders, and later dump their bodies in desolate areas.