Balochistan: Dasht is under heavy military operation. 82 people have been abducted in last 18 days

Fired Mortar by security forces in Dasht

November, 2016 started with heavy military operation in all over Balochistan, especially in Dasht, District Kech. 82 people have been abducted until now. Among them 18 people were later released and 64 civilians are still missing. Some of them were forced to work in military camps of the area while whereabouts of the others are unknown. Indiscriminate bombardment causes heavy losses to the residents of the area. Herds have died and houses have destroyed due to shelling. Many other houses were set ablaze after looting all the valuables from the houses.

The details of military operations, abducted people and losses in Dasht in last 18 days are follows;

On November 1st, 2016;

According to local people 35 military vehicles accompanied by 5 gunship helicopters started massive military operation in Kombel, Dasht. The personnel searched door to door and tortured women and children. Later they headed towards Hasadig, Dasht, where gunship helicopters shelled the areas due to which hundreds of cattle died. The land soldier searched house to house, looted all the valuables and set ablaze many houses.

On November 8, 2016;

Early morning forces raided the village Machi, Dasht and abducted 7 people;

  1. Ghulam Shah s/o Bilal
  2. Younis s/o Ghulam Shah
  3. Murad s/o Sher Mohammad

    Fired shell from Helicopters in Dasht, District Kech
  4. Sabir s/o Jami
  5. Pervaiz s/o Murad Bakhsh
  6. Rasheed s/o Usman
  7. Usman s/o Bahot

All the abductees were released the next day while Sabir s/o Jami is still in their custody.

In the evening of the same day forces raided Pittok, Dasht and abducted

  1. Hammal s/o Murad Mohammad
  2. Khalid s/o Ibrahim
  3. Irshad s/o Hasil

All the abductees were released after 4 days of illegal detention

On November 10, 2016;

Forces raided Gwahrag Gar, Dasht and abducted,

  1. Niyaz s/o Mohammad Hayat

In the evening on the same day forces surrounded Jan Mohammad Bazar, Dasht and abducted 5 people

  1. Nisar s/o Shahdad
  2. Rashid s/o Ibrahim
  3. Obaid s/o Abdul Samad
  4. Siraj s/o Hasil
  5. Obaid s/o Shay Mohammad

After 2 days, 3 of them were released while Siraj is still missing

On November 11, 2016

Forces carried out an operation in Jath Bazar, Dasht and abducted a father and son

  1. Abdul Majeed s/o Kutub
  2. Muslim s/o Abdul Majeed

On November 13, 2016

Forces operated in Bahot Chat, Dasht and abducted 2 brothers

  1. Doda s/o Murad Mohammad
  2. Shoaib s/o Murad Mohammad

On the same day in another incident in Drachko, Dasht forces abducted 8 people

  1. Khalid s/o Lal Bakhsh
  2. Arif s/o Washdil
  3. Nasir s/o Nizar Mohammad
  4. Shabir s/o Swali
  5. Shoaib s/o Gazzi
  6. Saeed s/o Gazzi
  7. Ijaz s/o Jami
  8. Waheed s/o Kamal

On November 14, 2016

Early morning forces conducted operation in Gwahrag Hussain Bazar, Dasht and abducted one person

Missing Fahad s/o Iqbal
  1. Zahid s/o Rahmat

On the same day in Bal Nigwar, Dasht forces operated and abducted 4 people

  1. Chakar s/o Phullan
  2. Doshambay s/o Bahadur
  3. Sameer s/o Abdul Hameed
  4. Hameed s/o Ibrahim

On November 18, 2016

Forces conducted operation in Mullai Nigwar, Chateeg Bazar, Haji Karam Shah Bazar and Phullan Bazar. All are villages of Dasht, District Kech where forces abducted 5 people in which 70 years old Haji Karam Shah along with 3 sons is included.

Missing Rashid s/o Ibrahim
  1. Naseem s/o KarimBakhsh
  2. Karam Shah s/o PanchShambay
  3. Abdul Karim s/o Karam Shah
  4. Ayub s/o Karam Shah
  5. Mohammad s/o Karam Shah

After some times Karam Shah along with his son Ayub was released while others are still missing.

On the same day forces surrounded Horr, Dasht and abducted 26 people

  1. Badal s/o Sayaki

    Missing Abdul Hai s/o Iqbal
  2. Waheed s/o Sayaki
  3. Habib s/o Faqir
  4. Iqbal s/o Hussain
  5. Naseer s/o Jan Mohammad
  6. Sameer s/o Jan Mohammad
  7. Hamza s/o Shahdad
  8. IlahiBakhsh s/o Murad Jan
  9. Naseem s/o Sakidad
  10. Haleem s/o Sakidad
  11. Naseem s/o Saleh Mohammad
  12. Aziz s/o Karim Bakhsh
  13. Salman s/o Rasheed
  14. Shareef s/o Dil Murad
  15. Niaz s/o Ibrahim

    Shaho s/o Syed Mohammad abducted by forces
  16. Basit s/o Ibrahim
  17. Riaz s/o Dad Mohammad
  18. Fazal s/o Dad Mohammad
  19. Nadeem s/o Abdul Karim
  20. Majeed s/o Khuda Dad
  21. Waheed s/o Ibrahim
  22. Sattar s/o Abdul Rehman
  23. Hamid s/o Saleem
  24. Sharif s/o Faqir
  25. Lal Jan s/o Ahmed
  26. Akram s/o Dost Mohammad

Whereas forces also took away 5 cars, 6 motor cycles and a tractor with them.

On the same day in Kaheerin, Dasht forces abducted

  1. Abdul Karim s/o GhulamQadir

He is a resident of Kuroos Tank, Dasht

On November 18, 2016 during night forces raided Jan Mohammad Bazar, Dasht and abducted 10 people including 3 brothers

Jabir s/o Rasheed abducted by forces
  1. Noor Mohammad s/o Iqbal
  2. Abdul Hai s/o Iqbal
  3. Fahad s/o Iqbal
  4. Yaqoob s/o Shah Murad
  5. Liaquat s/o Shahdad
  6. Zahid s/o Ibrahim
  7. Rashid s/o Ibrahim
  8. Sanaullah s/o Syed Mohammad
  9. Shaho s/o Syed Mohammad
  10. Jabir s/o Rasheed

Dasht is consisted of small different villages spread vastly. It is located approximately 50 km to the port city of Gwadar and 82 km to Turbat, main city of District Kech. The media is dead silent on all the incidents happening throughout Balochistan while human rights organizations are not allowed to visit the areas. We have concerns thatdasht-kech-map the losses are much higher than the reports we have collected as no one is allowed to visit the affected areas.