Balochistan: Murad Bakhsh commits suicide after coming out of Torture Cell, Sabir, Hamza and dozens of others are thrown into forced labor

November 19, 2016

Murad Bakhsh s/o Faqir

40 years old Murad Bakhsh s/o Faqir was picked up from his home, Drachko, Dasht, district Kech by security forces during a military operation on October 24, 2016. He was later released after an illegal detention for 3 days on October 27, 2016. He was beaten up, severely tortured and his body contains signs of electric shocks, too.

We approached his wife. She said, “He never talked again, not even with me. Sometimes he shouted, ‘don’t beat me, I didn’t harm anyone; I didn’t do any wrong to anyone.’ I kept relaxing him and due to hallucination he always covered his ears with his hands. We started his treatment but he couldn’t overcome to those memories of torture.

Murad Bakhsh committed suicide on November 11, 2016. He locked himself up in his room and hanged himself with ceiling fan.

Mr. Bakhsh was a Levies’ personnel, a Para Military force deployed in B areas of Balochistan.

On December 22, 2015 Frontier Corps (FC) occupied Civil Hospital in Bal Nigwar, Dasht, District Kech. The hospital is being used as a military base from where they operate in Dasht area. The Para military force (FC) is expanding the walls and started building new rooms in the premises of hospital and for labor force, the security forces are conducting military operations on daily basis and abducting innocent civilians for forced labor.

Sabir Baloch and Hamza are among the dozens of victims of forced labor.

Sabir s/o Jami

Sabir s/o Jami is a mason by profession. He works hard and builds stone houses for a living and to feed his family. He has 2 daughters and a son. He was picked up by forces from his home on November 8, 2016 and now he is forced
to build the walls and rooms without being paid a single penny.

His family confirms that he received several calls from FC officials and was asked to work in the camp but he refused. Then they threatened to pick him up.

Hamza s/o Shahdad is 38 years old transporter and a resident of Horr, Dasht, district Kech. He used to transfer passengers from Dasht to Gwadar and vice versa.

Mr. Hamza was abducted on November 18, 2016. His family demonstrated today on November 19, 2016 in front of military base. They were beaten up and were forced to leave. They were told by FC officials that after completion of the infrastructure, the prisoners will be released.

Negligence of Government has left Balochistan a terror zone, whereas the national media, civil society and human rights organizations of Pakistan are dead silent on the appalling situation of Balochistan.