Balochistan: Enforced disappearance of Nawaz Atta & other women and children is the violation of Pakistan Constitution and UN Conventions. BHRO

Baloch Human Rights Organization held a protest demonstration in front of Quetta Press Club against enforced disappearance of Nawaz Atta Baloch, Information Secretary of Baloch Human Rights Organization along with 8 other minor students from Karachi on October 28, 2017, enforced disappearance of Dr. Allah Nizar’s wife, daughter along with 2 other women and their

children and enforced disappearance of sister of Aslam Baloch, her 4 children along with his cousins on October 30, 2017 from Quetta.

A huge number of youths, women and children participated in the demonstration protest. The participants were carrying playcards and chants slogans against current chains of enforced disappearance of women and children from Quetta and Karachi.

Baloch Human Rights Organization’s activists addressed to the participants and said that on October 28, 2017, at 2:00 am civil dressed secret agents accompanied by Rangers raided the house of Nawaz Atta and his relatives and abducts him along with 8 other students from Gulistan-e-Johar, Karachi. During the raid, forces severely tortured women and injured them. Nawaz Atta is an active human rights activists and student of International Relations. His enforced disappearance cannot be justified by any law. Nawaz Atta itself has been active for the safe recovery of enforced disappeared persons but today himself is one of them.

Baloch Human Rights Organization is a non-political organization and it is not involved in any political activities but it sad tha


t the space for human rights activist is shrinking. Nawaz Atta’s abduction and disappearance is not acceptable at all. We demand from security institutions to release Nawaz Atta Baloch and abduction of 8 other students is against all norms of humanity and we also demand to release them too.

Baloch Human Rights Organization’s activists further added that forces abduct wife and daughter of Dr Allah Nizar along with
two other women and their children from Quetta. On the same day, forces abduct Aslam Baloch’s sister, her 4 children along with one nephew and a cousin from their home in Quetta.

Security forces have been involved in abductions and extrajudicial executions of political activist and their family members in Balochistan but it can be assumed from recent abductions of women and children from Karachi and Quetta that the forces are abducting women and children for political revenge which is the violation of Pakistan’s constitution and United Nations’ conventions. They further added that the

humanitarian situation in Balochistan is beyond appalling but the abduction of women and children will worsen it and security forces are responsible for worsening the situation in Balochistan.

BHRO activists said that enforced disappearance of human rights activists, women and children shows the human rights violations in Balochistan. We appeal to Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, Asian Human Rights Commission and all human rights organizations, civil society organizations and human loving people to raise their voices at all level against enforced disappearance of Nawaz Atta, women and children. We demand to Sindh Government, Balochistan Government

and Federal Government to release Nawaz Atta including women and children immediately and if they were not released then we will expand our level of protests.

Apart from these, BHRO’s token hunger strike in front of Karachi Press Club enters its third day. Human rights activists participated in the hunger strike and demand the immediate release of all the abductees. Khurram Ali joined the camp and expressed his solidarity and demanded to Sindh Government to play its role to release 8 years old Aftab Younis including other minors.


Human Rights Council of Balochistan (Hakkpaan) is a non-profit and non-partisan human rights group bases in Balochistan, Sweden, UK and France. It collects reports from Balochistan, a region Pakistan government does not allow any media and HR group to visit and report. Human rights violations in Balochistan is not a new phenomenon, but it got its worst levels after the Military coup de tat of Pakistan in 1999. Thousands of Baloch have been reported missing, hundreds killed in fake encounters and so-called kill and dump policy of the military. HRCB collects the data from Balochistan itself, through its network of volunteers and supporters, organizes and reports them to the human rights mechanisms of the world.