Sindh Government should take steps for safe recovery of the abductees. BHRO

Sindh Government should take steps for safe recovery of the abductees. BHRO

Baloch Human Rights Organization held a protest rally in Karachi against the abduction of organization’s Information Secretary, Nawaz Atta Baloch including 8 students, enforced disappearance of Dr. Allah Nizar’s wife along with 4 other women and children. Protest rally started from Karachi Arts Council and ended at Karachi Press Club. The participants were carrying banners and play cards with slogans and pictures of the abductees. Human Rights Commission of Pakis

tan’s Vice Chairman of Sindh, Asad Butt, Civil Society activist, Jibran Nasir, Democratic Students Federation’s Naghma Sheikh, National Students Federation’s Fatima Zaidi, Baloch Rights Council’s Abdul Wahab Baloch and a huge number of youths, women and children participated in the rally.
Baloch Human Rights Organization’s activists addressed to the participants and said that the incidents of enforced disappearances in Balochistan are increasing with intensity. From last one decade, youths are being forcefully disappeared continuously but now women and children are also not safe from this policy. The ground reality is self-evident that use of excessive force to counter ongoing insurgency in Balochistan have made it more complicated. Thousands of people were forcefully disappeared and means of earning of thousands of people were snatched. Thousands of families were compelled to migrate but the continuity of incidents of enforced disappearances with all its intensity clearly shows that the state’s institutions, instead of ending it bringing more intensity into it. The Information Secretary of Baloch Human Rights Organization, Nawaz Atta Baloch is among the 9 abductees, abducted on October 28, 2017. The ages of these youths are in between 8 to 25, who was in Karachi for the sake of education. They said that enforced disappearances cannot be justified by any means. There is a judicial system, present in Pakistan and if there are any charges against anyone, cases should be filed and he should be present in the court but law enforcement agencies themselves are violating the law.
BHRO’s activists further added that the government of Sindh is silent on the abduction of 8

students. Although, the law enforcement agencies are under the jurisdiction of Chief Minister of Sindh. It is the responsibility of Chief Minister of Sindh to take steps for the safe recovery of Nawaz

Atta and other abductees.
They expressed their concerns about the abductions of women and children from Quetta and said that the behaviour of forces will worsen the situation of Balochistan. It is a proven fact


that use of force is not a solution to any problem but it will make it more complicated. If state’s institutions are serious about solving the problem of Balochistan and human rights violations then
they should release all the abductees and end military operations in Balochistan. If forces’ behaviour remains same towards people of Balochistan then it cannot be denied that many more people will get abducted.
The activists of Baloch Human Rights Organization appealed to the international human rights organisations raise their voices for the safe recovery of all enforced disappeared persons.