Balochistan has turned into A Silent War Zone. 200 people abducted, 42 killed in February. BHRO

Balochistan has turned into A Silent War Zone. 200 people abducted, 42 killed in February. BHRO

Baloch Human Rights Organization has published its monthly report of casualties during military operations and illegal abductions of people during raids and operations and other incidents carried out in Balochistan by forces. The report says that in the month of February forces abducted 200 people from Balochistan, 42 were killed and 15 got injured, while 15 people were released who had been abducted during military operations from different parts of Balochistan. Incidents like enforced disappearance of people are continued for many years. One of its examples is the government’s claim in which it says that in last 2 years; more than 23,000 people were arrested on the basis of suspicion.

Baloch Human Rights Organization said that the policies to counter the ongoing insurgency of Balochistan are becoming the cause of people’s death and abduction including the cause of negative impact on the society. The military operations on daily basis have created a situation of fear and due to which a feeling of insecurity has developed among people. It can easily be assumed from the aforementioned incidents taken place in the month of February only that how intensively force is being used in Balochistan

The spokesperson of Baloch Human Rights Organization said that the chain of recovering of mutilated bodies is continued even after passage of a decade. In the month of February 15 mutilated bodies were recovered including bodies of women, whereas 10 people were targeted and shot dead by forces during different military operations. A body of a woman was also recovered from the mass grave, discovered in Dera Bugti. According to local people, before few days of the discovery of mass grave, 4 people were abducted by security forces including a woman during a military operation. All four were killed and buried in that mass grave. 8 people were shot dead by unknown people and 3 unidentified mutilated bodies were also found. 6 people were killed in personal enmity, too.

The abduction of women is continued from last many years but from last year mutilated bodies of women have started to appear, too. In the first two months of the year 2017, forces have killed and injured 5 women and 3 children from Kohistan Marri, Dera Bugti and Makran. Such incidents have become the cause of serious human rights violation in Balochistan

BHRO declares the situation of Balochistan stressful and says that biasness of media and civil society has made Balochistan “A Silent War Zone”. It is necessary for civil society to play its role in order to change this situation and for the safe recovery of missing persons; otherwise such incidents will cause the loss of hundreds of other precious lives and abduction of thousands more.

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