Balochistan in December: four students among 64 forcibly disappeared; 11 killed

Balochistan in December: four students among 64 forcibly disappeared; 11 killed

December saw a surge in the number of people who were forcibly disappeared in Balochistan.  Some 64 persons, including two elderly men and four students, were taken away by security forces.

Meanwhile, 10 people were killed in different incidents and a decomposed dead body was recovered from district Duki.

On Nov 26, security forces abducted a student from the Hub Chowki area of district Hub and moved him to an unknown location. The victim is Sarwar son of Abdul Qadeer, a resident of Kohado area of Jahoo, district Awaran. He had recently moved to the Hub city with his family.

On Nov 29, the forces abducted two others from separate areas of Balochistan. Noor Dad son of Arz Muhammad was taken away from Ormara, Gwadar, and Taj Muhammad son of Eid Muhammad from Mand, district Kech

On Dec 2, the forces disappeared a student, Shahnawaz son of Babu, a resident of Ronjan, Mashkay area of district Awaran. His family was threatened into brining him to the army camp in Mashkay. His uncle took him to the camp from where he was forced to leave without Shahnawaz, who is still missing.

Shahnawaz Babu. Photo: TBP

On the same day, security forces abducted six others from different areas of Kech and Awaran. They were identified as Waris son of Ibrahim, Muhammad Jan son of Adam, Haleem son of Muhammad, Usman son of Allah Bakhsh, Badain son of Hamza and Qadir Bakhsh.

On Dec 3, security forces raided the house of Khalil son of Abbas in Shand area of Mand, district Kech, and took him away after a brief detention.

On Dec 4, Misk Ali son of Lala Bugti and Rasool Bakhsh son of Rameen were whisked away from Rahi area of Naseerabad during a military raid.

On Dec 6, secret agents abducted Haji Sher Jan son of Laal Khan, a resident of Senganisar area of Turbat, district Kech. He was a retired Dubai policeman who worked for 30 years and was visiting for medical treatment. He went missing from the Karachi airport. He had also been previously forcibly disappeared.

On Dec 7, the forces took away a student, Jalal son of Hassan, and Keyya son of Ali from the Gomazi area of Tump, district Kech, during a search operation. He is since missing.

On Dec 8, military forces carried out a search operation in Hor, Dasht, district Kech, and abducted Akbar son of Madi Khan and another person whose identity couldn’t be confirmed.

On Dec 9, local death squad militants abducted a teenaged boy, Khairullah son of Abdul Samad Laangav, from Tootak, Khuzdar.

The same day, the forces picked up Rasool Bakhsh son of Nazeer and Shabeer son of Noor Bakhsh during a raid in Zandain Daz area of Panjgur. His whereabouts remain unknown.

On Dec 10, the forces conducted a search operation, laying siege to Jahoo, district Awaran, and whisked away 11 people. The abductees were identified as Mullah Muhammad Kareem son of Sher Jan, Jumma son of Malik, Kameesa son of Lakko, Nabi Jan son of Gul Dad, Faqeer son of Hassan, Muhammad son of Eido, Rasool Bakhsh son of Ibrahim, Qadri son of Biyandar, Khudadad son of Noora, Jumma son of Hadoo and Muhammad Umar son of Lakko.

On Dec 12, the forces raided the house of Muneer son of Murad Bakhsh in Kaleera area of Dasht, district Kech, and took him away.

Muneer Murad Bakhsh. Photo: Ashoob News

On Dec 13, the forces carried out a raid on the house of Ishaq son of Ibahim in Jitani Bazar, Dasht, district Kech. They beat up the women and took Ishaq away. It is the second time he has been forcibly disappeared.

The same day, the forces whisked away six persons from a bus stop in Hazarganji, Quetta. They were travelling from Naseerabad for medical treatment. Later, the others were released but 60-year-old Haji Dost Ali and 80-year-old Fareed are still missing.

On Dec 17, the forces abducted Kareem Dad, his son Murad Jan and son-in-law Umar from Bagod area of Mashkay, district Awaran. Also, they took away Majid Baghwan from Nokabad area of Gramkhan, district Panjgur.

Majid Baghwan. Photo: TBP

On Dec 19, the forces picked up and disappeared Mama son of Murad Khan Marri and Raza Khan son of Mullah Qambrani from Killi Tangai, Shahrag, Harnai, district Harnai.

On Dec 20, Abbas son of Ibrahim and Waleed son of Hamza were forcibly disappeared during a raid in Mullahi Nigor, Dasht, district Kech, by military forces.

On Dec 21, the military forces raided a number of houses in the Gomazi area of Tump, district Kech, and took away five residents of the area. The victims were identified as Taimur son of Anwar, Basheer son of Haji Rehmat, Ayoub son of Rasool Bakhsh, Naseem son of Dr Dur Muhammad and Zubair son of Liaqat.

On Dec 22, the forces raided a house in Tayabdapi area of district Gwadar and whisked away Wahab son of Ghulam Muhammad, a student in Quetta. He had come home on vacations.

Wahab Ghulam Mohammad. Photo: Social media/Twitter

On Dec 23, Qadeer son of Barkat went missing when the security forces raided his house in the Malar area of district Awaran and dragged him away.

On Dec 25, the forces conducted a search operation in Awaran and abducted eight locals — Pullain son of Hassan, Maula Bakhsh son of Peer Jan, Akbar son of Maula Bakhsh, Hassan son of Siddiq, Murad son of Hassan, Nadeem son of Allahyar, Barkat and Yaseen sons of Ameen. The identity of two others could not be confirmed.

The same day, intelligence personnel whisked away a resident of Damb, Hoshab, district Kech namely Shakar son of Sordo. Meanwhile, FC personnel raided the house of Haneef son of Swali in Malar, Awaran and took him away.

On Dec 26, intelligence personnel forcibly disappeared Aseel son of Ismail who was a resident of Sardro, Panjgur. He was picked up from the Diesel Market where he had been working for over a year.

Killed persons:

On Dec 1, unknown militants opened fire on Ameer son of Bashir, a resident of the Gichk area of Panjgur, and killed him. Another person, Nizam, was also injured in the incident.

On Dec 3, unidentified gunmen killed Abdul Rasool son of abdullah in Saryab Mill area of Quetta for unknown reasons.

On Dec 13, unknown armed men shot down Rafiq son of Muhammad Ismail, a resident of Tadeek area of Noshki. The reason behind the murder remains unknown.

On Dec 18, unknown militants opened fire on Mehboob and his son Danish. According to the locals, they were working for the Pakistani forces.

On the the same day, during a skirmish between Pakistani forces and Baloch militants, two members of the Baloch Liberation Front (BLF) namely Sameer and Dedar were killed. They both belonged to the Badrang area of Kolwah, district Awaran.

On Dec 19, a decomposed dead body was recovered from the Ishkarchat area of district Duki and was immediately moved to hospital for medical examination. No further information was provided about his identity by the local government.

On Dec 22, one was shot dead by the police for not raising his hands on the orders of the police.

On Dec 23, Yar Muhammad, a resident of Meherabad area of Surab was killed by unknown gunmen. The reason behind his death is unknown.

On 26 Dec, gunmen killed Waqar Fida son of Fida Ahmad, a resident of Khudabadan, Panjgur for unknown reasons.

Waqar Fida. Photo: Ashoob News