Balochistan: Four women among 31 forcibly disappeared in November 2019

Balochistan: Four women among 31 forcibly disappeared in November 2019

Personnel of Frontier Corps abducted four women during three raids in different parts of Awaran on 29 November 2019. 

They whisked away 52 years old Sakina Qadir Bakhsh from Harunay Dann, 47 years old Sayad Bibi Ahmad from Mashi, and 35 years old Hamida Mir Dilbod and 52 years old Nazal Mir Asadullah from Zilag village. 

Next day, the abducted women were photographed along with two female police officers and a cache of arms and ammunitions which the police said they had recovered from the women’s possession. 

The police claimed the four women were ‘facilitators of terrorists’ and shifted them to Khuzdar Jail after booking them on terrorism charges. 

Two of them were later hospitalized in Khuzdar due to severe physical torture. 

The Human Rights Council of Balochistan (HRCB) and Baloch Human Rights Organization (BHRO) investigated the cases and found that the four women had been picked up because of the involvement of their male relatives in the ongoing nationalist insurgency. Security forces could not find the men during previous raids on their homes. Frustrated, they finally took away the women.

All of these families are among those internally displaced due to the conflict between insurgents and military. They had left their native villages because of continuous raids on their houses. 

Security forces often lay siege to villages, abduct men and burn houses. More than a thousand of such abducted men have later been found dead. 

This pattern is forcing men to stay away from home, especially during raids. Many have joined armed groups to find a shelter. 

Abduction and enforced disappearance is not a new pattern in Balochistan. Tens of thousands of men have been abducted by security forces and are missing since early 2000’s. Dozens of mass graves have been found in different parts of Balochistan, each containing 10 to 150 bodies. 

The abduction of women tends to intensify the already simmering tensions between nationalists and the central government. 

Some nationalist armed groups have issued press releases saying “they would not consider themselves bound to the international conventions and ethics of war, as Pakistan has already violated all the ethics by abducting our women.” 

Thirty-one more persons were abducted and forcibly disappeared by security forces during the month of November, according to reports received by HRCB and BHRO. 

On Nov 1, the security forces raided a house in Cheri Malar, district Awaran and forcibly disappeared Dosten Riaz.

On Nov 3, forces abducted Wahid Murad, a resident of Ashal area of Kolwah, district Awaran from a shop in Turbat, the district headquarter of Kech.

On Nov 6, Ali Hanif was abducted and forcibly disappeared from Soro area of Mand, district Kech.

Ali Hanif. Photo: Ashoob News

On Nov 9, forces abducted Saghir Saleh Muhammad and Talal Imam Bakhsh from Goburd area of Mand, district Kech.

On Nov 10, FC raided Macchat village of Dasht, district Kech and abducted Usman Sakhi and Sharif Salim.

On Nov 17, Ubaid Arif, a Balochi writer and poet was whisked away from Jattani Bazar village of Dasht, district Kech. He was working in UAE and had come home on his vacations.

On Nov 18, FC raided a house in Singabad area of Kech and abducted Miran Sardu along with his son, Haleef Baloch.

On Nov 25, FC personnel whisked away 70 years old Kachkol Ali at a military check-post when he was on his way from Kech to Panjgur. 

On the same day, forces abducted and disappeared two students, Sajid Qadir Bakhsh and Parvez Sadiq, from Haroone Dan area of district Awaran. Sajid is the son of Sakina, one of the four women still in police custody. 

On Nov 28, FC abducted and disappeared thirteen persons from Lakhanadi, Uch area of district Dera Bugti. We were able to get details of seven of them as we await to confirm the rest. 

On Nov 28, FC raided a house in Parom are of district Panjgur and abducted Mukhtar Ghulam Rasool. 

On Nov 29, forces raided another house in Parom and forcibly disappeared four persons, Muhammad Ghulam Hussain, Barkat Liaqat, Aziz Ali Bakhsh and Shero Issa.

Killed persons:

On Nov 4, a dead body was found in district Qilla Abdullah. It was immediately moved to hospital where he was identified as Gos ullah Karim Agha. He had been abducted on 14 Aug from Shaikh Mandha, district Quetta and had been missing since then.

On Nov 10, three dead bodies were found in Gardank area of Buleda, dictrict kech. They were identified as of Niamat Abdul Karim resident of Zamuran, district Kech, Salauhddin Inayatullah resident of Khudabadan, district Panjgur and Zubair Badal Khan resident of Kharan.

On Nov 19, a dead body was recovered from Quetta. He was later identified as Ahmad Zia Navid Khalji resident of Nawa Killi, Quetta.

On Nov 29, another dead was found in Washuk, who was identified as Kamal Khan Bahadur Shah resident of Kharan.

Two decomposed bodies were found in Quetta and Qalat on 19 and 28 November. Both were beyond recognition and were buried without establishing their identities. 

Four persons were shot killed by unknown gunmen in different parts of Balochistan during the month. There are dozens of armed groups, fully armed and free-to-move in the region. They are locally called death-squads and are backed by the military.