Balochistan: Four students among 15 forcibly disappeared

Balochistan: Four students among 15 forcibly disappeared

The growing number of missing persons, extrajudicial killings, intimidations, illegal detentions, looting, unwarranted searches, physically assaulting and beating-up women during raids continued with impunity. Pakistani forces kept on violating all the rules of law brought into line with international human rights commitments; however, the past few months witnessed a huge surge in the number of torture cases during the raids in various parts of Balochistan.

On April 1, Pakistani security forces raided a house in Kalat Cheer, Mashkay district Awaran, and abducted Shakir, Master Gulzar, and a woman named Naaz Bibi. Two days later, Naaz Bibi was released whereas, whereabouts of Shakir and Gulzar are still unknown.

On the same day, in another village of the same district of Awaran, a raid was conducted by security forces in a house in Khalidabad, Mashkay Awaran, in which Abdul Nabi and Dolat Mirza were abducted. Moreover, a nineteen years old student Hakeem Mazar was whisked away from his home in Gwadar.

Another person, Faiz Ahmed, was abducted by forces during a raid in Malant, Tump, district Kech.

On April 3, security forces abducted a total of nine persons during a raid in Jathani Bazar Dasht, a small village 60 km from Gwadar. Four of the abductees were later released while Saddam, Jumma, Niaz, Rahmdil and Mukhtar are still missing.

On April 4, a group of armed men allegedly entered a house in the Shingar area of Washuk and forcibly disappeared a bride Shabana daughter of Abdul Ahad from her wedding ceremony. Several armed groups, operating across Balochistan, are known as local death squads with support from the army. They are believed to be backed by the military establishment. Forced disappearances of girls by these armed groups have been reported in the past too.

Separately on the same day, Pakistani forces abducted Javed Aziz from the check post of high school Diz Paroom. His friend Salal Ismail was also asked to come to the camp. According to his family, ”he went to the camp and since then we haven’t heard of him.” Most of the schools in rural areas are occupied by the forces and are being run as military check posts.

In another incident, 13 years old Khair Jan Majeed was abducted from Parwar, Mashkay, district Awaran.

On April 2, the mutilated body of Sanaullah was found dumped on a roadside in Manguchar, district Kalat. According to his family security forces abducted him a year ago and they had not heard of him since then. His family also claimed that his body was dissected & organs were missing.