Balochistan’s Home Minister is turning blind eye to Human Rights violations by distorting trut​h. BHRO

Baloch Human Rights Organization’s Chairperson Bibi Gul Baloch, in a statement, offers her condolences on the death of 5 siblings and their aunt by eating poisonous food in Karachi. She says that the death of 5 siblings and their aunt from food poisoning is heart-rending. Such incidents are tragic and intolerable. Baloch Human Rights Organization demands to the Sindh Government to carry out impartial investigation and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Siblings died from food poisoning.

She added that several youths were forcefully disappeared during operation and raids from Herronk and Gwadar. Bahram Basham, Mohammad Dad Mohammad and Siraj Dad Mohammad were abducted from Herronk while Dad Shah Nasir, Adnan Mola Bakhsh, Imran Rahim Bakhsh, Abdul Salam and Akram Mohammad Yasin were forcefully disappeared from Gwadar. Bahram Basham was tortured to death while in detention and later forces handed his dead body to the family. The whereabouts of others are still unknown.

Above from Left: Dad Shah, Abdul Salam, Adnan and Akram

Human rights violations and lawlessness in Balochistan have affected everyone in Balochistan. The government of Balochistan, if remains silent, the humanitarian crisis will only get worse and the government its institutions will be responsible for it.

She added that the home minister’s statement declaring the situation in Balochistan peaceful is the distortion of truth and turning blind eye to the issue of enforced disappearances. Enforced disappearances have affected thousands of families in Balochistan which BHRO publishes every month.

Bibi Gul Baloch demand from the government of Sindh to carry out an impartial investigation into the death of 6 innocent lives and bring those elements to justice who for the sake of own benefits risk human lives.

We appeal to the government of Pakistan to take measures on an immediate basis to solve the issue of enforced disappearances and extrajudicial executions and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Human Rights Council of Balochistan (Hakkpaan) is a non-profit and non-partisan human rights group bases in Balochistan, Sweden, UK and France. It collects reports from Balochistan, a region Pakistan government does not allow any media and HR group to visit and report. Human rights violations in Balochistan is not a new phenomenon, but it got its worst levels after the Military coup de tat of Pakistan in 1999. Thousands of Baloch have been reported missing, hundreds killed in fake encounters and so-called kill and dump policy of the military. HRCB collects the data from Balochistan itself, through its network of volunteers and supporters, organizes and reports them to the human rights mechanisms of the world.