Recover all missing persons including Hafeezullah Baloch: BHRO

Recover all missing persons including Hafeezullah Baloch: BHRO

The spokesperson of Baloch Human Rights Organization issued a statement stating that, for years, we have been reporting that Army and Intelligence agencies are involved in enforced disappearances of activists and innocent people in Balochistan. On one hand, the country’s highest civil and military institutions have admitted the military’s involvement in enforced disappearances while on the other hand, the enforced disappearances of individuals are systematically continued. 

Major Naveed demanded 6.8 million ransom money in return of Hafeez. His parents sold their lands and borrowed money and paid him the amount he asked for but instead of releasing him, Major Naveed demanded 5 million more. Hafeez’s family could not arrange the amount and went on protesting for Hafeez safe return.

The spokesperson said that after this incident, the army ordered to investigate the allegations. During the investigations, Major Naveed was found guilty and was claimed to sentenced life imprisonment which is appreciable.

The spokesman further added that we appeal to the Army Chief and Government officials to recover and release Hafeezullah and all enforced disappeared persons and return the ransom money and make the perpetrators accountable for such heinous crimes.

Thousands of Baloch activists have been forcefully disappeared from various areas of Balochistan by the security forces and in many cases, the families of victims were forced to pay a huge sum of money for the release of their loved ones which is rubbing salt into the wounds of families. 

We demand that all enforced disappeared persons should be produced in courts and they must be given a chance to prove their innocence.