IDP abducted from Lasbela Balochistan

IDP abducted from Lasbela Balochistan

On 26 March 2017, security forces and personnel of intelligence agencies abducted Noor Mohammed Shay Mohammed from Uthal area of Hub district Lasbela, Balochistan.

Noor Mohammed was a resident of Kohadu area of Jhaoo district Awaran, who, like many others left the village and started living a miserable life of Internally Displaced People in Hub, district Lasbela since last six months.

In the population of around 1500 of Kohado, Korak, gazzi and surrounding villages, most people belong to Zikri sect, a faith other than Islam. Religious militant groups have attacked these villages many times, as part of their holy war, The Jihad against ‘Anti-Gods’, which Baloch nationalists and the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan call Pakistan military’s plan to divert their ‘secular’ nationalist movement.

ISIS has attacked the villages many times and killed many civilians, including an activist of Baloch Students Organization last year in October.

According to reports, security forces are forcefully evacuating villages in Balochistan. There are reports of military operations on the newly temporary settlements of these IDPs in Sindh and Punjab as well.

The people of Kohado, Korak, Gazzi and surrounding villages have already evacuated the villages, as security forces commanded them, but they are not safe even after leaving their houses.