45 including women and children disappeared, 20 killed in May

45 including women and children disappeared, 20 killed in May

Forty-five persons were abducted and forcibly disappeared during the month of May in Balochistan, while twenty people were killed.
The abductees include women, children, aged people and from other walks of life, mostly students.

Abduction of Women:

On 16 May, Counter Terrorism Department of police raided a house and detained a woman Noor Jan, from Hoshap area of district Kech.

On 19 May, Intelligence agents broke into a house in Karachi and picked up another Baloch woman, Habiba Pir Muhammad of Tump, Kech. Habiba is an artist and poet. She was living with her kids in Karachi for last few years. The forces broke into the house and picked her up with her son. Her son was later dropped on a street corner and whisked her away.

Both women were framed as suspected suicide attackers, affiliated with Baloch Liberation Army, a nationalist armed group responsible for suicide attacks on military and Chinese installments in the region. However, after continuous protests for many days and nights, both women were released, without any explanation from the government.

Persecution of Students:
Nineteen Baloch students were subjected to enforced disappearance during the month of May. Six among them were released after severe torture while fate and whereabouts of the rests remain unknown. Here are the incidents of disappearance of Baloch students, in a chronicle order.

On 01 May, security forces and intelligence agents raided a house in Hub Chowki, district Lasbella and abducted a student, Yasir son of Hamid.

On 02 May, forces and intelligence agents raided a house in Noshki and abducted Atiq Mengal, a medical student. The father of the missing youth informed the Noshki police station that gunmen in plainclothes and uniforms broke into the house, tortured his son Atiq and took him away, however, police did not take any action.

On 04 May, Sindh Rangers abducted two Baloch youths, Ali son of Bakhshi and Asghar son of Isa, in Karachi. Ali was once released after abduction, but abducted again on 20 May. Both remain disappeared till the time of this report.

On 05 May, CTD raided a house in Mastung and picked up 16-year-old Sajid Ali son of Kamal Khan Sasoli. He is a student of ninth-grade in Government High School Muhammad Shahi Mastung.

On 06 May, FC soldiers detained and disappeared a student, Shahbaig Dad son of Wali Dad, from a military post in Panjgur when he was traveling from Turbat to Quetta. Other passengers on the bus blocked the road and demanded release of Shahbaig. He was released after hundreds of the people of surrounding areas joined the protest.

On 07 May, security forces forcibly disappeared a student, Zahoor Baloch from Hub Chowki. Zahoor Baloch is a student in Lasbella University of Agriculture, Water and Marine Sciences. He was tortured and released on May 18, 2022.

On 11 May, security forces abducted Asif Baloch, a resident of Hub Chowki. He is a student of FSc.

On 11 May, another student, Feroz son of Noor Baksh was abducted and forcibly disappeared by personnel of security forces from Arid University Rawalpindi. He is a resident of Apsar, Kech and pursuing a B. Ed degree.

On 12 May, personnel of security forces abducted and disappeared Qambar Saleem, a resident of Buleda, Kech and a student of B. S Agriculture at Karachi University, from Karachi. He was tortured and released after two days. On the same day, the forces arrested another student, Irfan son of Abdul Rashid, a student of Biochemistry at Karachi University, from Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi. In another incident, personnel of intelligence agencies and Sindh Rangers broke into a house in Lyari, Karachi and abducted a Baloch student, Abdul Wahid son of Ramzan. He was tortured and released on 26 May.

On 18 May, M.Phil scholar, Muslim Allah Bakhsh, and Mir Ahmed were detained by CTD in Quetta. Both were tortured and then released, without any explanation.

On 22 May, Karachi police and personnel of intelligence agencies abducted and disappeared two students, Ali and Israr from Maripur, Karachi.

On 25 May, personnel of Frontier Corps abducted and forcibly disappeared Abrar son of Imam and Karim Jan son of Fazal, both students of Ata Shad Degree College, Turbat.

On 29 May, security forces whisked away a student, Inzamam Zehri from Kharan, along with another person, Habib Jhango during a search operation from their village.
On 25 April, Kalim Sharif, a student of M. A Balochi Literature at Turbat University, was abducted and disappeared by security forces from Apsar area of Turbat, Kech.

On 04 May, security forces abducted and disappeared Irfan Bangulzai, a social worker from Mastung. He is member of the Baloch Student Organization (BSO) and works with a welfare organization, Al-Maddad Foundation.

On 06 May, forces abducted and disappeared Danish son of Bashir, resident of Gwadar, from Karachi. He is a civil servant, working with Gwadar Port.

On 06 May, FC raided a house in Gichk area of district Panjgur and abducted Abdul Rahman and his son Abdul Haq. They were previously disappeared and then released from Gichk army camp.

On 07 May, Sindh Rangers and intelligence agents abducted and disappeared Rashid son of Taj Bakhsh, from Lyari, Karachi.

On 11 May, CTD abducted and disappeared Imran from Karachi. He is a civil servant working with Karachi Electric Supply Corporation.

On 11 May, Pakistani security forces raided a house in Patan colony in the Windar area of district Uthal and abducted Wasim Sharif, a resident of Zilag Jhao, district Awaran.

On 13 May, security forces abducted and disappeared Syed Mohammad Mari, a cattle owner, from Harnai, who was going to market place to sell his goats and sheeps. He was accompanied with his son. He was abducted in front of his son.

On 16 May, security forces abducted and disappeared Ali Bakhsh Mengal, a tribal elder from Khuzdar.

On 17 May, Abdul Rasheed Kurd, a football coach was abducted from his house in Lyari, Karachi by CTD police. He was later released.

On 20 May, Sindh Rangers and personnel of intelligence agencies Picked up and disappeared Mulla Munir son of Hamza from Orangi Town, Karachi.

On 16 May, FC raided a house in Kolwah, Kech and abducted a shepherd, Fazal son of Muhammad Ali. He is missing since then.

On 17 May, personnel of intelligence agencies abducted and disappeared Sohail Ahmed son of Muhammad Hayat from Rehman Goth, Karachi.

On 22 May, Karachi Police and personnel of intelligence agencies raided a house in Maripur and forcibly disappeared Nawaz Ali son of Nasir, Adil Imam son of Imam Bakhsh, Zahid son of Jan Muhammad, Israr son of Muhammad Anwar and Ali son of Bakhshi. Israr, Nawaz, and Ali are now disappeared for the second time. They were disappeared earlier in the same month and were later released after severe torture.

On 25 May, security forces abducted and disappeared Altaf son of Dilmurad, during a raid on his house in Kolwah, Kech.

On 25 May, Dost Muhammad son of Khuda Bakhsh Mari, Muhammad Asimal son of Karim Khan Mari were abducted from New Kahan, Quetta.

On 27 May, Mohammad Ilyas son of Gul Mohammad was abducted and disappeared during a raid on house in the Chitkan, Panjgur.

On May 27, CTD personnel detained and disappeared Zubair son of Maula Bakhsh, a civil servant working in Fisheries Department, from Maripur, Karachi.

On 28 May, Wali Muhammad son of Muhammad Hanif Sumalani, resident of Kharan was abducted and disappeared by personnel of Frontier Corps.

On 31 May, Mangal son of Ghulam Haider Mari and Gulzar son of Ali Marda Mari were abducted by unknown armed men from Hub Nadar bypass.

In the last week of May the forces abducted six persons of the same family, Khuda Bakhsh, Ali Khan son of Khuda Bakhsh, Qadir son of Khuda Bakhsh, Sanaullah, Shabir son of Sanaullah and Hassan son of Sanaullah from Mashkay area of district Awaran.

Killed people:
On 01 May, unidentified assailants broke into a house in Quetta, the capital of Balochistan and killed a woman and her four children. All the victims were killed with a sharp instrument. The children were between 5 and 10 years old. The victims were Afghan nationals.

On 04 May, bodies of two persons were recovered in Kohlu area of Balochistan. The bodies were taken into hospital but both the bodies were mutilated beyond recognition.

On 06 May, a body was found near Southern Bypass Hub (Daro Hotel). It had bullet marks on it. According to police, the body looked two days old. The body was later identified as Zahid Sheikh, who went missing from Hub on Eid day.

On 07 May, unknown armed men fired and killed Navid, in Mand, Kech.

On 07 May, armed men shot killed Ghulam Haider and his son Ghulam Ali, while another son Mohammad Raza was wounded in the incident. The incident occurred near Alam Chowk’s FC hospital in Quetta city and still, the attacker successfully escaped the scene.

On 08 May, body of Imam Bakhsh son of Kalu Khan Abdu, a resident of Sibi was found dumped in Sindh. Imam Bakhsh was arrested and disappeared by CTD from Sukkur area of Sindh on 28 April this year and had remained missing since then.

On 09 May, police recovered a body from Rakhshan river in Chitkan area of Panjgur. Police shifted the body to Teaching Hospital, Panjgur, where he was identified as Abdul Hakim, a resident of Dazi Bonistan, Panjgur.
On 09 May, Saeed Baloch was shot dead in Quetta by unknown gunmen.

On 11 May, unknown armed men shot and killed Nadim Ahmed Badini, a political leader contesting the local body elections and affiliated with Balochistan National Party, in Faridabad area of district Jaffarabad.

On 12 May, a hand grenade exploded in Chaman area of Balochistan, in a place where children were playing and having fun. The blast injured 15-year-old Qiamuddin son of Muhammad Ibrahim Jan and 12-year-old Hikmatullah son of Akhtar Jan resident of Rehman Kahul Road, Chaman.

On 14 May, Muhammad Nawaz Pirdadani Mari said in a press conference at National Press Club Kohlu that Tawakal son of Meira Khan, Qadir Khan son of Abdullah and Bihar Khan son of Faqir Khan strangled and killed his daughter Nabio in Chamalang area of Godpusht. The police did not take any actions against the culprits so far.

On 20 May, the body of a man has been recovered from Gwargo area of Panjgur, identified as Wahag son of Ismail, resident of Keelkore. The body bore bullet marks on it. Baloch Nationalist Army, an armed nationalist group claimed responsibility of the slain person, claiming that he was affiliated with state intelligence agencies and was involved in abduction and killing of its members and other freedom fighters.

On 21 May, armed men of Balochistan Liberation Front, another armed nationalist group shot and killed Mama Noor Ahmad Bangalzai, a senior leader of Balochistan Awami Party, a political party military formed to control the civilian government and the parliament of Balochsitan. BLF claimed that Mama has been involved in abductions and military operations in the region.

On 31 May, another alleged informer of the military, Talda alias Talu was shot and killed by Baloch Republican Guards, another nationalist armed group. BRG claimed that the slain person was affiliated with military and coordinated in military operations, abduction and extra judicial killing of Baloch nationalists in the region.