Balochistan: 63 disappeared, 37 killed in December 2021

Balochistan: 63 disappeared, 37 killed in December 2021

Enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings continued unabated during the month of December 2021 with more than 63 people forcibly disappeared and 37 killed in different parts of Balochistan.


On the first of December, personnel of intelligence agencies in plainclothes raided the hostel of the Gwadar campus of Turbat University. They took away two students Jamil Sadiq and Ramez Akhtar, residents of Pisshokan, Gwadar. Eyewitnesses said that dozens of gunmen surrounded the hostel during the raid and blindfolded and tied the students before taking them away. There has been no information about the abductees since then.

On 2 December, personnel of the Frontier Corps whisked away Abul Raheem from Gawak village of Mand, district Kech.

On 10 December, the security forces raided the house of Ameer Khan Mir Khan in Sibbi and whisked him away. He has been missing since then.

On 10 December, personnel of security forces took away Jalal Khan Mashkiani in Shahrag area of district Harnai and no one has heard of him since then.

On 15 December, the security forces abducted Zafar Abdul Wahid in the Malar area of Awaran, while Shah Ur Rehman, a medical student, was abducted and disappeared in Quetta, the capital city of Balochistan on the same day.

On 16 December, FC soldiers whisked away five persons, Ayaz Neksal, Awaz Hussain, Nabil Hashim, Safar Jumma and Latif Saleh, from Hoshab area of district Kech.

On 17 December, FC personnel abducted Rashid Mohammad Yousuf in Kardgap area of Mastung. His brother, Zakir was abducted and disappeared on August 31.

On 19 December, FC personnel abducted and disappeared Mohammad Jan Taj Mohammad, Maqbool Rafiq and Ganj Bakhsh Asa in Segek village of Kolwah, district Kech.

On 20 December, the security forces abducted and disappeared eight persons from different parts of Balochistan, namely Rahm Ali and Ramzan Darihan Bugti in Dera Bugti, Omar Nabi Bakhsh and Tanvir Nazir in Tump village of district Kech, Mohammad Ayoub Sarparrah in Kardgap, Mastung and three persons from Washbod area of Panjgur.

On 21 December, the FC picked up Waju Abdul Wahid during a raid on his house in Gawak village of Mand, district Kech, and Ghulam Rasool Hassan, 60, in Kudasak area of Khuzdar.

On 23 December, the FC raided Srenken village in Kech and disappeared four persons, Basham Ghulam Muhammad, Sari Ibrahim, Shiraz Ismail and Hakim Ghulam Muhammad.

On 24 December, FC personnel abducted Ikhlaq Pir Bakhsh, an orphan and a student from Dashti Bazar, Turbat, for the second time. He is a student at Bolan Grammar School in Turbat city and was previously disappeared for 17 days and then reappeared in August last year.

On 26 December, the FC raided a house in Srenken area Turbat and disappeared Latif Muhammad, while Tariq Baloch of Rodkan Kolwah, district Kech, was called and commanded to appear in FC camp at his village. He went to the camp and never returned. On the same day, FC soldiers abducted and disappeared Naseer Ibrahim during a raid in Zahidabad village of Mashkay, district Awaran.

On 27 December, FC soldiers abducted and disappeared Arif Safar, an IDP from Balgetar Cheri Gaddagi, in Absar, Turbat, and two brothers, Arif Rahim and Musaddiq Rahim in Srenken, Turbat. Moreover, FC soldiers abducted and disappeared Taj Muhammad Gamshad in Shapuk, Kech Rustam Khan Domki in Lehri area of district Sibi.

On 28 December, the FC raided a house in Tijaban village in Kech and forcibly disappeared Iqbal  Miran and Dosta Haji Badal.

On 29 December 29, the FC raided a house in Hirronk village of Kech and disappeared Daulat Hassan.

On 30 December, the FC raided a house in Gramkan village of Panjgur and disappeared Shakir Abdul Samad.


On 18 December, Umed Shah, a torture victim, succumbed to injuries in a hospital in Karachi. He was abducted and disappeared for two years and reappeared in a critical condition. His family took him to Karachi for treatment but he could not recover and passed away on 18 December.

On 07 December, the bodies of three persons, two dead and one half-dead, were found in the Pakistan-Iran border town of Sarbaz of Irani Sistan o Balochistan province. The injured, Khan Muhamed Jumma Khan Shahwani, later revealed that they were shot by personnel of the Frontier Corps. All three were among the disappeared persons. One of the dead, Asad Nasir, had been forcibly disappeared from his house on 01 July 2019 and remained missing since then. Asad’s younger brother, Yasir Nasir, was also abducted in October 2010 and his body was found in March 2011. The second slain person, Ghulam Qadir Abdullah, was a resident of Kili Qambrani, district Kalat, and was in the military’s custody. Khan Mohammad Shahwani, who luckily and unexpectedly survived the bullet, had been abducted and disappeared by the FC in the Zehri area of Khuzdar on 17 June 2019 and had been missing since then.

On 26 December, an army officer broke into a house in Buleda, district Kech, and killed a youth, Siraj Saleh Mohammad. The killer then claimed, in a post in his social media account, that the slain person had committed blasphemy and spoke against the country, Pakistan, and that was the reason he killed him.

Eleven persons were shot and killed in different parts of Balochistan by unknown gunmen during the month, seven dead bodies found dumped in desolate places, while five persons were killed by the United Baloch Army, an armed nationalist group.

Four persons were killed in two bomb blasts in Quetta, capital of Balochistan, two persons were killed by landmines in Kohlu and two persons, a man and a woman were killed in honor killing.