Supreme Court must ensure the rele​ase of women and children. BHRO

Supreme Court must ensure the rele​ase of women and children. BHRO

Baloch Human Rights Organization Chairperson Bibi Gul Baloch held a press conference in Quetta against enforced disappearances of women and children by Pakistan army from Peerandar area of Awaran district.

She condemned the abduction of women and children and said that the increase in human rights violations and forcefully disappearing people while practicing “Collective Punishment” are the most serious crimes against humanity and violation of International Humanitarian Law. Forces are forcefully disappearing people on a daily basis. They were kept in undisclosed locations where they were subjected to inhuman torture. Later, few were released after months of illegal detention while most often they were killed and their bodies were dumped in desolated areas and in many cases, they end up in Mass Graves. Operations and raids have become a daily routine of forces which has turned Balochistan into a “NO GO AREA” and has made lives harrowing for people.

BHRO’s Chairperson Bibi Gulistan Baloch during a press conference. Photo:BHRO

Intensification in military operations and enforced disappearance of women and children is extremely concerning and alarming and to prevent these crimes, it is everyone’s responsibility to condemn such crimes. Unfortunately, remaining silent on human rights violations in Balochistan has become a tragedy due to which Balochistan is going through a humanitarian disaster.

Many Baloch men, women including children have been forcefully abducted during military operations from various areas of Balochistan. The continuous military operations of forces in Kolwa and Awaran have paralyzed livelihoods of civilians.

On April 21, 2019, Pakistan army sieged Zeellag Peerandar area of Awaran, raided the houses and looted valuables from houses. Forces harassed women and children and forcefully disappeared Bibi Shehnaz, her one-year-old son Farhad, her elderly father Abdul Hai, Sanam Baloch, her 5 years old son Mallen and her 10 days old baby girl Mahdem, her mother-in-law Nazal and her 10 years old brother-in-law Ijaz.

From Lot R: Farhad and Mahdem. Photo: BHRO


In 2017, security forces started practicing “Collective Punishment” by abducting women and children which is continued. In July 2018, forces abducted Noor Malik and her two daughters Sameena and Haseena during a military operation from Gajali area of Mashkay who are still missing. Whereas, in March 2019, forces whisked away Bibi Noori along with her two grandchildren. Since then their whereabouts are unknown.

From L to R: Mallen and Ijaz. Photo: BHRO

Similarly, many Baloch women and children from Jhao and other areas of Balochistan have been forcefully disappeared and are still missing which is self-evident of the worst humanitarian situation in Balochistan.

The policy of enforced disappearance of women and children and custodial killing of civilians have given rise to a humanitarian crisis which has largely affected the people in Balochistan.

We appeal to international human rights bodies and the Supreme Court of Pakistan to ensure the release of disappeared women and children otherwise we reserve the right of protest and demonstration as per constitution and law.