Balochistan: The People of Balochistan are deprived of their right to live in this era of Human Rights. BHRO

Baloch Human Rights Organization and Voice for Baloch Missing Person jointly held a seminar on the occasion of International Human Rights Day in Quetta Press Club. Bibi Gul Baloch, Chairperson of Baloch Human Rights Organization, Nasrullah Baloch, Chairman of Voice for Baloch Missing Person, Vice Chairman of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons, Mama Qadeer, Naib Ameer of Jammaet Islam Balochistan, Zahid Baloch, Abdullah Baloch, Chairman Human Development Organization, Samad Mandokhel, Vice President High Court Bar Association, Malik Ibrahim Khaskheli, District President Awami National Party Quetta, Mussa Baloch, Human Rights Secretary General BNP Mengal, Shah Mohammad Jatoi, President High Court Bar Association expressed their views on human rights violations in Balochistan.





The speakers addressing the participants said that the International Human Rights Day is being celebrated in all over the world from last many decades in this hope that the humans will be given the right to live freely as per their wishes and every citizen will enjoy the same right but this harsh fact should also be accepted that despite the transformation of this world into a global village and introduction of new human rights laws, human rights violations are continued in a way or other. Balochistan is one of the unfortunate regions whom residents were deprived of basic human rights for last many decades but with the passage of time, as the world moved forward towards modernisation, in the same way, many changes also occurred in Balochistan i.e. people were deprived of their basic rights before and now the right to live is also being snatched.



Enforced disappearances, extrajudicial executions and forced migration of people are the biggest problem we are facing today in Balochistan which needs to be solved immediately but the state’s institutions seem to be failed in solving any of the existing problems. The state’s seriousness towards Balochistan can be assumed by the helplessness of highest pillars i.e Parliament and Judiciary. Whereas, the provincial government and the commission on missing persons are playing the role of military’s spokesperson.

Photo: BHRO

Few days back, Additional Secretary Balochistan, during a briefing in the session of Senates’s committee of human rights lied and denied the very existence of the enforced disappeared person. It can be easily assume that the state’s institutions are deliberately worsening the situation in Balochistan.


Bibi Gul Baloch, Chairperson Baloch Human Rights Organization delivering her speech in the Seminar. Photo:BHRO



In the end, Bibi Gul Baloch, Chairperson of Baloch Human Rights Organization addressing the Parliament and Judiciary said that the situation of Balochistan has become very sensitive and if the state still remain incompetent in providing justice to the people then it is an undeniable fact that the situation in Baluchistan will worsen in coming days and will be more complicated and the above-mentioned institutions will be responsible. We appeal to the above-mentioned institution including United Nation’s Human Rights Council and all international human rights organisations to play their role and fulfil their responsibilities in order to end the serious human rights violations.

Human Rights Council of Balochistan (Hakkpaan) is a non-profit and non-partisan human rights group based in Balochistan and Sweden. It collects reports from Balochistan, a region Pakistan government does not allow any media and HR group to visit and report. Human rights violations in Balochistan is not a new phenomenon, but it got its worst levels after the Military coup de tat of Pakistan in 1999. Thousands of Baloch have been reported missing, hundreds killed in fake encounters and so-called kill and dump policy of the military. HRCB collects the data from Balochistan itself, through its network of volunteers and supporters, organizes and reports them to the human rights mechanisms of the world.