Balochistan: 607 people were killed, thousand were abducted. BHRO received 1809 abduction cases in 2016

Balochistan: 607 people were killed, thousand were abducted. BHRO received 1809 abduction cases in 2016

Baloch Human Rights Organization’s Chairperson Bibi Gul Baloch addressed during a press conference held at Karachi Press Club and said that in Balochistan forces consider themselves free in committing any human rights violation. The policies which are made in order to counter the ongoing insurgency have been proved to be the reason of violation of basic human rights of the people but there is no effective voice against it. Despite of patrolling and presence of state military and Para-military forces, incidents of religious extremism and target killing are taking place everywhere and on the other hand the security personnel who are deployed in Balochistan are directly involved in abduction of people and dumping of mutilated bodies. From January 1, 2016 to December 30, 2016, 607 people were killed in all over Balochistan in which 113 mutilated bodies were found whereas, during different operations thousands of people were abducted, out of which BHRO has received 1809 cases of abduction by security forces. Families of missing persons hide the news of abduction of their loved ones in fear of the threats by security forces, due to which it is difficult to collect the details of missing persons. However, provincial government’s statement about missing persons, published in August is enough to clear situation of human rights in Balochistan in which it is claimed that 13,000 people were arrested. Due to lose justice system and threats no one can run a case against army officials. Even the local police refuse to file F.I.R against FC and Army, keeping safety of their lives in mind. Abduction of political activists and detaining them for years is continued for last one decade. Hundreds of such political workers are also missing who were abducted before 5 years.

Bibi Gul Baloch, Chairperson Baloch Human Rights Organization Photo: BHRO

Bibi Gul Baloch said that a large number of people are still missing who are not presented in courts so far. Senate committee declared that 90 people are missing while according to provincial government 17,000 people were arrested in two years, who were not presented in court and are in the category of missing persons. The representatives of provincial government have claimed to arrest 9,000 people in December 2015 and more than 13,000 people under national action plan in August 2016. However, identities of the arrested people and details of their legal proceedings were kept secret and are not published in media. Hundreds of people have migrated from Dasht, district Kech due to military operations. The immigrants have migrated to Turbat, Hub Chowki and to other areas of Balochistan. Thousands of families have migrated from Kolwah, Hoshab, Herronk, Shapuk, Balgatar, Awaran, Jhalawan and Koh e Suleiman and those who are left are fed up from daily threats and military operations and are compelled to leave their land. According to our statistics 2578 people from Kolwah have left their homes and migrated. Due to everyday operations and fear of abduction, people are migrating to Hub Chowki, Turbat and to other areas of Balochistan and due to financial problems people are facing great difficulties in migration.

Bibi Gul Baloch emphasized and said that it is necessary for media and institution of justice to play their role in order to save people of Balochistan from this situationThe related institutions must play their role in order to release the missing persons and to stop dumping of mutilated bodies and government should also pay attention towards internally displaced persons and should take step to rehabilitate the people.

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